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PUC Yule Campaign Press Release

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  • Mandrake X
    From: Pagan Unity Campaign Date: Nov. 4, 2003 About: Yule need Pagan-Americans Votes, next year Campaign Contact: Press@PaganUnityCampaign.org As a
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      From: Pagan Unity Campaign

      Date: Nov. 4, 2003

      About: "Yule need Pagan-Americans' Votes, next year" Campaign

      Contact: Press@...

      As a complementary campaign to our ongoing voter registration and education
      "So Vote it Be Campaign" we are staging a candidate education campaign this
      Yuletide season. The "Yule need Pagan-Americans' votes, next year" campaign
      will be staged During December 2003. This campaign will be a simple attempt
      to educate the candidates running for President of the United States in
      2004, that Pagan-Americans are a voting block that need to be paid attention
      to, just as they already court the votes of other minority groups.

      PUC is encouraging everyone in the Pagan Community to send Yule/Winter
      Solstice/ 'happy holidays' cards to candidates running for President and
      lower offices as well, in the 2004 elections. In these cards, we ask that
      you state simply "Yule need Pagan-Americans' Votes, next year, Mr./Mrs.
      Candidate." Then sign your name, city and state (or your full address,) and
      then under that signature, add the PUC web address. (
      www.paganunitycampaign.org )

      PUC would like to thank the Pagan community in advance for their help with
      this very easy but very important work for the Pagan Rights Movement!

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