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  • Dear Friends, On another list I read a post which accused the US Government of "murdering" Osama bin Ladin. I disagreed with the writer's position, but I thought she raised several points worth considering. Out of respect for her privacy, I will not repost her text, but below is my reply, from which the reader may infer the general outlines of her position. Hope this stimulates a...
    Neil Barham May 6, 2011
  • Dear Bretheren of the Keyboard: I have a new website which is giving me technical difficulties. My hosting company is not exactly a model of accessibility and co-operation. Is there any kind soul out there who will give a poor Christian brother an hour or so of web design assistance? I can get into my c-panel, but I can't persuade it to DO anything. If you have the skills and the...
    Neil Barham Apr 28, 2011
  • Dear Christian Home Educators, I found an article which may be helpful to you as you seek to "bring up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." My Dr. Van Til's contribution richly bless your efforts. Cornelius Van TIl: The Reformed View of Education. In Christ, Neil Barham
    Neil Barham Apr 28, 2011
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  • Dear Bretheren and Sisteren, Beginning in January, I will be teaching study on apologetics in my Miami PCA church. In preparation, I have been immersing myself in VanTil, Frame, Bahnsen, Rushdoony, Pratt, Van Til, Van Til, Van Til, and after that a little bit of Van Til. From my reading, it appears to me that Van Til is the perfect refuter of Postmodernism, since he shows that...
    Neil Barham Sep 25, 2005
  • Dear Friends, My children are now of an age where I am beginning to learn a lot about "youth ministry." The lessons I am learning are raising more questions than answers. I am a member of a reasonably orthodox congregation in a reasonably orthodox reformed denomination. No, we aren't Super-Hyper-Ultra-Mega Hoeksemite Headcovering Exclusio-Covenanting Stone Your Kids Theonomic King...
    Neil Barham Sep 16, 2005
  • A Humble Request from a Lurker of Lists: Dear Cyber Scribblers -- May I ask all of you, on all your lists, to do all of us a favor? When you change the subject, CHANGE THE SUBJECT LINE! Thank you. Yahoo! for Good Click here to donate to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.
    Neil Barham Sep 12, 2005
  • Dear List, Recently, meditating on the atonement purchased and applied to us by Christ, I was struck yet again by the beauty of Christ's work on our behalf. This hymn, which I offer to all who will be comforted and edified by it, was the result. Neil Barham Blood of His Covenant Tune: Come, Ye Disconsolate Blood of His Covenant, Sprinkles down upon us, Cleanses our filthiness...
    Neil Barham Sep 6, 2005
  • Dear Brothers, Remember Dunkirk? 115,000 British soldiers were trapped on the French coast with the Germans coming to annihilate them. Nothing the British navy could do. So thousands of civilians took to the channel with their own boats and got them all out. Would it help New Orleans if everbody who has a truck, van, or SUV would go to New Orleans and evacuate as many people as...
    Neil Barham Sep 2, 2005
  • test Start your day with Yahoo! - make it your home page
    Neil Barham Sep 1, 2005
  • Dear Brothers, My posts on How the Pope Glorifies God appear to have run their course. I appreciate the dialogue followed them. You can feel free to change the subject now. To end the thread, I want to share with you a hymn I wrote last week. It says musically what I intended to say in prose in those posts. Yours, together in the beloved, Neil Hymn: No Righteousness of Mine (Tune...
    Neil Barham Apr 5, 2005