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RE: A Scottish-Presbyterian review of "The Passion" film

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  • s.padbury@tiscali.co.uk
    Quoting Colin paste-in from the FC of Scotland:-
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 2 5:35 AM
      Quoting Colin' paste-in from the FC of Scotland:-

      <<"The RP statement [against Mel Gibson's film] then goes on to declare
      that the message of the film is that of `Roman Catholicism, not Biblical
      Christianity' and attacks `Mel
      Gibson's non-existant pseudo-christ' as contrasted with `the Christ who
      really saves, the Christ of the Scriptures'. I find such language ill informed
      and deeply offensive. If it is accurate then I am a Roman Catholic and
      I believe in the same Christ as Mel Gibson.">>

      Quoting myself:-

      <<The Second Commandment does not merely cover worship that take place within
      public acts at stated times, but it covers *any* man-graven image that is
      intended to portray God. Never can we accept a man-made depiction of anything
      in the universe, adopting as our own belief concerning that man-made thing,
      "This is indeed a representation of my god. My god is (even somewhat) like
      this thing."
      It is because we always, men always, misrepresent God (Christ Himself alone
      excepted); and by however much we do so, by that much we dishonour God.
      And besides this dishonour that is always done, the artist (metal-worker,
      painter, actor) and the approver thereof are also violating God's revealed

      I say moreover:-

      It is obvious from that FC member's own words that he thinks Mel Gibson's
      portrayal of Christ is the Scriptural Christ, indeed he agrees that the
      film is Scripturally accurate in most places at least.

      Besides this, and moving on from the Second Commandment to further discuss
      this movie which I have no intension of seeing:-

      (1.) We Reformed Christians have no hesitation to say that the teachings
      of the Romish church concernig the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ are
      not the true, Scriptural gospel.

      (2.) Mel Gibson obviously would not have betrayed his own thinking concerning
      these matters, or his beloved hard-line form of the doctrines of Rome concerning
      the sacrifice of their version of the Lord Jesus Christ, or his own priest(s),
      or his pope.

      (3.) We know that there are many high ranking Romanists who are on record
      as giving this movie their approval. And that's an understatement!

      (4.) Therefore we can do no other (I intentionally echo Martin Luther here)
      than conclude that this is an heretical, blasphemous, anti-Christian and
      anti-Christ movie.

      Metaphorically speaking, you have to be blind not to see this.


      Simon Padbury.

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