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Re: my bio, my thanx, my question

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  • Edgar A. Ibarra Jr.
    Arline, Hi! I have a similiar background as you do. I rebelled against the Popery of my Dad and the 7th Day Adventism of my Mom and delved into Satanism. I
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 16, 2004

      Hi! I have a similiar background as you do. I rebelled against
      the Popery of my Dad and the 7th Day Adventism of my Mom and delved
      into Satanism. I listened to Death Metal: Slayer,Venom,Merciful Fate,
      King Dimond, Death, Dark Angel, Deicide, etc. Played with spells as
      well. I grew up in San Francisco, CA and therefore knew about Anton
      LaVey, even read his "Satanic Bible", yeah talk about blasphemous
      junk! Also got into some of the Temple Of Set, Anton's rival Satanic

      Anyways, by God's grace here I am, a Covenanter and member of the
      RPNA. I too have dealt with Mormons and JWs, I tend to actually look
      for them to evangelize them and hold them up so that they don't
      spread their junk.

      What GMW suggested is what I have found to be effective and in
      accord with Scripture. Talk about the Gospel. Only by them being
      spiritually alive will they be able to discern the spiritual and
      hence understand about the deity of Christ. The Gospel is the power
      of God unto salvation. Challenge them with grace against their works
      and stick to passages such as Romans 4, Ephsians 2 and etc. These
      passages are very simple to demonstrate that salvation is only by

      Arlene, continue to fight the good fight!!!

      yours in Christ,

      Edgar Ibarra

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "arline"
      <covenantmama@m...> wrote:
      > I love reading the daily email I get from this group which has
      > all the postings, I figured I'd never post. I'm a homeschooling
      > housewife, not a brilliant theologian, elder, or pastor. (But I've
      > learned a ton from you guys, thanx.)
      > I originally had an email prepared to send one of you brilliant
      > types, asking a Mormon related question, but I figured the guy will
      > think I'm an internet stalker & I better just post the question for
      > all of you. Here's my bio:
      > I was born into a Roman Catholic (RC from now on) home, I
      > detested the hypocrisy & by God's grace, was far more cynical of RC
      > theology than a normal kid. This got me into tons of trouble at
      > home, and I responded sinfully by rejecting this version of god &
      > becoming a devil worshipper.
      > All of satanism is based on the lie that the RC mass is true &
      > acceptable worship of God, so in my rejecting RC'osism in favor of
      > satanism, all I was doing was trading one apostate form of worship
      > for an imitation of it, which I detested. Too much of the same
      > thing.
      > The literature for devil worshippers is poorly written, as if
      > idiots alone like to read about worshipping the devil, in order, I
      > suspect, to have as broad an appeal as possible, with throw-away
      > liners that were probably ghost written for Anton LaVey by people
      > who write horoscopes for a living. This is what God used to get me
      > disenchanted with satanism.
      > Next came "the cult years", & rejecting Christ as God. Then one
      > day God in His sovereign providence sent me a real, live Christian,
      > not just one who claimed to be one. She showed me where Christ in
      > His Word claimed Deity, John 8:58 & Ex 3:14.
      > Skip forward a few years, I was one day invited to church, a
      > solid, Psalm singing Reformed Church, where they were faithful to
      > share the Gospel with me although I had at this point, a pretty
      > Christian- looking life: I was a home schooling heathen, who knew
      > the Bible & referred to it all the time & could talk about God all
      > day long, but if you tried to pin me down about Christ, it became
      > obvious I didn't know what I was talking about.
      > One day I was reading the Westminster Larger Catechism's
      > on the 10 commandments & was stunned to learn there are other
      > besides devil worship that God considers sinful. At that instant in
      > time, I suddenly understood my sin before a holy God, the Gospel
      > made perfect sense to me as the only way to deal with my sin, and
      > Acts 9:18 is the only way I can describe my conversion. One second
      > prior to that I was dead in my sins, thinking Christianity was
      > entirely based on how someone's life looked like on the outside;
      > suddenly I was blessed with an understanding of the truth, that in
      > Christ was a relationship w/ God based on His atonement for me,
      > because we are all so dreadfully horrid on the inside.
      > Now for my question. In my town in the midwest is a ton of
      > Mormons, for some reason. God in His Ephesians 2:10'ing of me has
      > given me the desire to witness to them (& other cult ppl).
      > With the way they define diety, as pertains to Christ,
      > it's not true Diety, as defined by the economic & ontological roles
      > of the Trinity. They claim they believe He is God, but the way they
      > define the word "God", shows they think He is just a guy like
      > But when I start jabbering away about how a version of Christ that
      > doesn't share God's attributes, using Van Til's
      > argument that when we die we will never become omniscient,
      > omnipresent, etc. therefore, not "gods" the way they claim Christ
      > is, I just lose 'em. They just have no clue what I'm talking about.
      > If I don't get into explaining proper theology, they at least are
      > able to depart understanding why they disagree with me. But as soon
      > as I go this 'theological definition & argument over terms' way,
      > they no longer understand what on earth I'm jabbering away about.
      > But, to agree with them (by not addressing their wrong definition
      > god as pertains to Christ) I don't feel I'm properly witnessing to
      > them, but aiding & abetting them in their sin.
      > I'm a die hard Calvinist, by God's grace, I know if someone is
      > the elect, they will convert in spite of me or anyone else's
      > imperfect attempts. This isn't a question of 'what's the most
      > effective way to evangelize Mormons', it's: Is this an issue of
      > Mormons not 'getting it' a Spiritual, or intellectual one? Is this
      > too abstract a way to witness to them? Or is it just 2 Corin 2:15-
      > (I don't mention Van Til, big theological words, the
      > word, "Ontological" never comes up even once, etc. I do try to keep
      > it simple)
      > Thanx for your help.
      > (& thanx for the update on how the poetry reading went! So exciting
      > to hear of soft hearted Mormons!)
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