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Re: [Covenanted Reformation] my bio, my thanx, my question

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  • gmw
    Is this an issue of Mormons not getting it a Spiritual, or intellectual one? Good question. I ve worked with a few Mormons that I ve had conversations
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2004
      "Is this an issue of Mormons not 'getting it' a Spiritual, or intellectual one?"
      Good question.  I've worked with a few Mormons that I've had conversations with, and I've read a bit of Mormon literature. I am at times baffled that people, who are not otherwise stupid, have swallowed this religion, hook, line, and sinker, when it is a religion that SOUNDS like what it is -- a religion made up by an ignorant pervert and crook with a 4th grade education!  Make no mistake, this is spiritual blindness.
      I like to go right to the grace vs. works issue.  Are we saved by grace or by works?  Mormons almost always respond, "We're saved by both."  I then take their Bible (since they may not trust mine), and turn to Romans 11:6 --   "But if by grace, no longer is it of works; else grace no longer becomes grace. But if of works, it is no longer grace; else work is no longer work."  Ask again, "Now, is it by grace or by works?"  Again they answer, "It's both."  Again we look at Paul, make them read it out loud.  Ask again, and so forth.  Now, how often does this result in a conversion?  I don't know.  As you've seen yourself, this blindness is so stubborn that it very often appears that we are not even speaking the same language.  Defend the truth, all of it.  The conversion is God's work to do or to not do as He sovereignly pleases.

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