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Extraordinary Mercies

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  • knoxknoxwhosthere
    Dear Friends, In recent days our family has been the recipient of extraordinary mercies. As many of you know, we came very close to losing four of our six
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2004
      Dear Friends,

      In recent days our family has been the recipient of extraordinary
      mercies. As many of you know, we came very close to losing four of
      our six daughters and our grand-daughter in a horrific motor vehicle
      accident. Poor visibility from sleet and snow caused my daughter,
      Trista, to misjudge the distance and speed of an oncoming B train (18
      wheeled transport truck with a trailer) and she pulled out in front
      of him on the highway. The truck hit them a total of three times,
      crushing the back end of the vehicle the first time, spinning them
      around where he hit the passenger side dead on, and then spinning
      them to strike the back side which launched them in the air to a flip
      to land 300 feet out in a field at the side of the road. They missed
      hitting a telephone pole by inches in the process.

      When things like this happen, the typical reaction is to ask "why?"
      The universal opinion of those who viewed the wreck is that no one
      could have survived. I thought that myself when I saw the vehicle
      on my way into the hospital. Many people have lost members of their
      family in similar or lesser accidents. But we lost not a one. The
      extent of their injuries is minor: Keiannah, our two year old
      granddaughter, has a broken tibia and fibula on her right leg that is
      now adorned with a "pretty" purple cast. Hannah got a bump over one
      eye and a sore neck, Bethany has a sore neck, Trista got a minor
      concussion, and Tamara was knocked out and aspirated blood, but is
      now home and recuperating. We have much to be thankful for.

      I cannot resist asking the question "why?" myself. Why were we the
      recipients of so much mercy when others aren't? Why is God so good
      to me and mine? I am at a lost to explain this.

      Things that I am thankful for:

      1. The entire accident was witnessed by an ambulance team who were
      returning to base. They were right there right away as soon as the
      car landed. Am I to believe that this wasn't by Divine appointment?
      I was able to overhear the conversation between one of the members of
      the Advanced Life Support (ALS) team, unaware by him as to who I was,
      with the pediatrician who was caring for Tamara. He came in to ask
      for feedback as to how it could have been handled better. I was
      impressed by the fact that he would take the time to do this to
      improve his skills for the future. I was also thankful to be able to
      shake his hand and thank him for his work.

      2. The competence and compassion of the entire hospital staff who
      treated us with extreme kindness and consideration.

      3. The outpouring of love and practical aid demonstrated to us by
      the Body of Christ, neighbors, friends, and acquaintances. My
      children informed me that the phone rang off the hook at home with
      people wanting to know how the girls were and if there was anything
      they could do to help. Special thanks go to those ladies who
      provided meals for my family at this time while I was in the hospital
      staying with Tamara.

      4. Say what you like about socialized medicine and free market
      economies. If this accident had happened in the US, it would have
      wiped us out financially. Instead, it cost us relatively little.

      5. That I don't have to pass the spot of the accident and think
      that "This is where my children died." Instead, I get to see the
      spot where the Lord's mercy was greatly extended to them. I think I
      shall build a monument like the children of Israel did at the side of
      the Jordan as a reminder of God's goodness. Through out the whole
      time, the Lord enabled me to keep my composure and allowed me to be a
      help to the children, rather than be one who needed help.

      When times are easy and things are going well, it is easy to remember
      that "all things work together for good, for those who are the
      called. (Romans 8:28). It can be harder to say it when things go
      wrong or look dark. Yet it is in the darkness that we really are
      brought to ask ourselves if this is really true. Do we really
      believe that even this circumstance is for our good? By God's great
      grace and mercy, I can say "yes". His mercies are new every morning,
      the lines have fallen to us in pleasant places, and in this He works
      for our good and His greater glory. All praise and thanks belong to

      I would ask continued prayer for our family at this time, as the Lord
      brings us to your mind. Please pray for Tamara as she continues to
      recover. She had a serious concussion and though she is now at home,
      she still has the remainder of the crud in her lungs, from
      aspirating blood, to get cleared up. She still has headaches and
      fatigues very easily. It is somewhat disconcerting to see her so
      quiet when she is usually such a twitchy, active little thing.

      Please remember Trista as well. She was the driver of the car and
      the thought that she was responsible for almost killing her daughter,
      her sisters, and herself has been weighing heavily upon her. May
      this be one of the means of grace that the Lord uses to draw her even
      closer to Himself. I have been encouraged to see how this has been
      working grace in her and pray that this work may continue.

      Lastly, I would ask that this incident would be profitably used to
      remind us all of the brevity of life and the necessity of serving the
      Lord as we are enabled. Life is as the flower of the grass which
      springs up one day and is withered the next. None of us knows how
      long a time we have here upon earth. May the Lord enable us to stand
      firm and faithfully for the things that are of eternal significance
      while there is yet time.

      Yours and His,
      Cheryl aka knoxknoxwhosthere
    • gmw
      Praise be to God! We rejoice with you in these mercies. Thank you for sharing them with us that we might join you in praising God for these works among men,
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 5, 2004
        Praise be to God! We rejoice with you in these mercies. Thank you
        for sharing them with us that we might join you in praising God for
        these works among men, for His mercy endures forever!

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