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Re: [Covenanted Reformation] can anyone help

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  • deejay
    And this seems to be the origin or it resurfacing again just lately: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/shattterdmen/message/16340 Deejay
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 26, 2003
      And this seems to be the origin or it resurfacing again just lately:
      Deejay<---  Inspector Clueless,.
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Martin
      Sent: Monday, October 27, 2003 4:16 AM
      Subject: Re: [Covenanted Reformation] can anyone help

      A few observations:

      1) This was posted the same day as joining the list, so she has no history
      of participation here.

      2) This request has been going around for a long time:
      - January 18, 2003 under my4kitties@...

      - January 22, 2003 under mytigerkitty73@...
      * Note, in this post it sounds like another individual is requesting
      donations for Julie.  But, if you do a search on Google, you will find that
      this likely is Julie. ie: http://homechurch.org/prayerbook/prayerbook.html
      In this post it appears that Julie is mytigerkitty73@... while asking
      for further correspondence at momof3inva2002@...

      - May 27, 2003 under juliiibugg@... and lliquidskyy@...

      - May 28, 2003 under myskeechkitty@...

      - June 12, 2003 under momof3inva2002@...
      This is the same person as lliquidskyy

      - June 19, 2003 under mommyinradfordva@...

      - Now on this list under luvmykitties2003@...

      3) It is interesting that she is listed on the fund raising committee for
      Jim Reid's San Francisco Mayor Campaign Team:
      "Ms. Julie Guthrie 540 641-8127 cell mytigerkitty73@... 1008 Stockton
      St Radford, VA 24141 extensive fund raising experience"

      4) In the earlier messages (May/June timeframe) she had been stating that
      she had been in a car wreck "a few days ago".
      Earliest found occurance May 27, 2003:
      Latest found occurance June 19, 2003:
      Over a period of a few _weeks_ she had been in a car wreck a "few days ago".

      5) She states she had received a $50 gift card to food lion "last week".
      Earliest occurance found September 21, 2003.
      Latest occurance found October 26, 2003
      (Quoted below)
      Over a period of a month, she had received a $50 gift card "last week".

      6) It appears that in some of her posts she claims to be someone who makes
      care packages for others who are in need.

      7) She uses the alias Juliiibugg on various sites.  In this example, posted
      on July 11, 2003,  she is asking how to burn Playstation 1 games with a CD

      8) She apparently bought her kids an X-Box for Christmass last year.

      9) I haven't found her engaging in any follow-up discussion of her
      situation, in posts I've observed.  It seems to end with the basic story and

      I'm assuming that Julie will be reading this message and that she will be
      willing to engage in further discussion of her situation to clear the
      legitimacy of her request prior to requiring assistance.


      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "luvmykitties2003" <luvmykitties2003@...>
      To: <covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Sunday, October 26, 2003 11:42 AM
      Subject: [Covenanted Reformation] can anyone help

      > I really do not know where to start. My name is Julie, I am a
      > Christian and I live in Virginia. I just recently left my emotionally
      > and physically  abusive alcoholic husband . I Am a mother of three
      > children a boy age 11 and 2 girls ages 6 and 8 who are everything to
      > me. The kids father abused me physically and mentally for years. I
      > tried to stay with him because I took my marriage vows seriously but
      > I could not stay any longer. Being beaten and abused was not only bad
      > for me but bad for the children to be around it.
      > He did awful things such as he  broke my hand which caused me surgery
      > with 6 screws putting my hand back together. This went on for almost
      > 10 years.I also had my head slammed into a cement statue so bad that
      > 9 yrs later still have the scar .. I remember feeling the blood
      > dripping down my head and face then being carried to the car  and
      > hearing him and his friend say we cant take her to the hospital get
      > in trouble then dragging me back inside then my husband raped me.
      > while I was hurt and half unconcious.another thing before my third
      > child was born  I was pregnant and he slammed my stomach into a metal
      > trash can causing me to miscarry my baby . I have numerous scars. One
      > on my arm where one day he got mad at a guy for coming on to me (I
      > did nothing) so he broke a vase on my arm cutting it bad and refusing
      > to take me to the dr until 2 days later which of course it was then
      > too late for stiches .. and as always I had to make up what happened
      > to me. Like my broken hand .. I had to tell everyone I fell over a
      > remote controlled barbie car ..of course he would play the concerned
      > husband at the hospital ... made me sick.  I became the type of woman
      > that used to make me think bad things like she must like it blah blah
      > blah .. then I became her. I became a person that was no longer Julie
      > but a scared mother who was scared to death that the threats he made
      > would come true .. that he would take off with the kids where I would
      > never find them or kill me as he said he would. I believed it and
      > still do believe he meant it. I live every day in fear and so do the
      > kids . The surgery for my hand he broke led to a blood clot in my
      > neck and I was hospitilized for that. Then I got Mono which has left
      > me very sick and weak , then Plurisey which is a lung infection and I
      > have severe migraines  and now this car accident. I am in alot of
      > pain and unable to leave the bed at this point. . My friend gave me a
      > cordless keyboard and mouse and has set the computer up so I can do
      > it from bed since I am unable to get up at this point. I had two
      > surgeries done on my foot and leg so far and have stiches under my
      > left eye , both eyes are blackened and I have whip lash and bruised
      > rib and pelvis and a broken nose one side is collapsed and has to be
      > operated on later this week and fractured bones in my face also.... I
      > just want to get well  and be able to return to working so I can
      > provide for myself and the children. I am alone and scared. He threw
      > out most of our stuff and what stuff he didnt throw out he broke. He
      > literally took whole drawers of clothes ect and took them to the dump
      > when I was not at home. I am  under a protective order for the moment
      > anyway. He already broke it once and just spent a month in jail
      > because of it. He just got out of jail. They didnt put the kids on
      > the protective order for some reason so until Nov when we go to court
      > we both in the eyes of the law have custody. His lawyer did advise
      > him to stay away from me and the kids but .... as the kids school
      > said if he shows up they have no choice but let him take them.  He
      > has threatned to take the kids and to kill me and Now all I can do is
      > sit here and hope he does nothing and pray. The kids have been warned
      > not to go with him and I dont think they would because they are
      > scared of him at this point... but you never know like you said if he
      > will try to win them over ect. I will not be able to walk ect for at
      > the very least 10 weeks. . He is staying as his moms so they say .
      > Desperate people do desperate things and I really do not know what
      > his mind set is. We still have to go to court for  the criminal
      > charge for him throwing me into the van ect  and my lawyer said due
      > to some of the things I have found out there may be more charges
      > pending against him. The kids are going to testify of his abuse to me
      > and them. I did not find out that he was also abusing them until his
      > arrest because they were scared to tell me and have him do something
      > to them. I have always been self supportive but for the last few
      > months everything that has gone downhill. . I am afraid I will be
      > evicted if I do not somehow come up with rent and I have
      > prescriptions that I cannot even fill.  I am trying to cope the best
      > I can. If anyone can help me with anything I need food and clothing
      > and daily living items ( I have a walmart and Kroger nearby and a
      > friend that is able to run errands for me or used clothing for me and
      > the kids, food , towels , sheets, any daily living items to help us
      > get by please. I have tried contacting local places but have not
      > gotton any help except one church gave me a $50 gift card to food
      > lion last week and salvation army you can only go to once a month and
      > all they gave me was a bag of a few canned vegtables, a pack of
      > sausage, a pack of buns and a can of tuna. No milk even and they only
      > let you go once a month and I have three kids  if you cannot help I
      > understand , but please at least keep us in your prayers. I know that
      > God will hear the prayers and somehow I will get through this and be
      > able to start over and have a wonderful life for me and the kids. I
      > truly believe everything happens for a reason ... and someday I will
      > know why all this has happened. . I have faith in the Lord that
      > somehow I will get through this.  I do not know where to turn for
      > help so I am trying here I to see if anyone can because I am
      > desperate .  I had a problem with social services about 6 years ago
      > which is why I will not turn to them for help Social Services does
      > not care .. they wouldnt even listen to me just threatened me and
      > treated me like total garbage. Not to mention also that also my son a
      > few years ago broke his arm at the babysitters and I had CPS monitor
      > me for months because of that. I was at work not even there. him and
      > another boy were playing on a wagon and he fell off ....... and
      > because of that I had these complete strangers questioning my kids at
      > school and showing up at my house. The system does not work ... it
      > really doesnt. Sorry to gripe but I thought I needed to clarify the
      > situation.)   I have recieved so many hateful comments and emails
      > please spare me . I do not pay for my internet by the way it came
      > with the place I rent and the computer I have is old .. . I am trying
      > to just make it through until  get well enough to be able to go back
      > to working again. .Emotionally I am a complete wreck. Just please
      > pray to god to give me strength to be strong for my children and find
      > a way to pay rent  so we dont lose our home . I know that there is a
      > light at the end of this tunnel somewhere. Thank you. Let God see us
      > through.If you cannot help that is ok just pray for us. I believe
      > that prayers will be heard by God and he will help us out of this.
      > not only are we in need of food and clothing ect but My rent is
      > $650.00 I am already two months behind but the landlord said if I pay
      > this month and get back on track I will be able to stay .. he has
      > been cool about it but if I dont pay this month I will be evicted he
      > said there is nothing he can do .. . Oh also add my heat .. it will
      > be cut off on the 25th the bill is 402.65 I have to pay at least
      > 184.00 on it past due to keep it from being cut off ... ... Oh CPS
      > went and questioned my kids at school last week ... behind my back.
      > my daughter was so scared and upset I had to come to school and pick
      > her up. also their dad got a friend of his to come by when the kids
      > were at the bus stop and yell at them I am going to call social
      > services and go with your dad on his side and make sure you get taken
      > away from your mommy. so that scared them too death then 2 days later
      > social services goes to their school and did that so you can imagine
      > how they felt. Then tonight he had someone come by and knock on my
      > door .. i didnt open it .. it was about 9 30 pm and when i didnt
      > answer it they started kicking the door .. yelling hey bleepI know
      > your home open the bleepin door then yelled I will have your kids
      > taken away from you do you hear me. Well I called the cops and they
      > said they could do nothing until he comes back and does it again for
      > me to call .... because he isnt my ex .. he cant be held responsible
      > and because that person doesnt and never has lived with me I cant get
      > a protection order. I am so frustrated with this. Who is there to
      > protect me and protect my children. They have more rights than I
      > do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  my friends -phone number is 540 397 8916 you
      > can call anytime they said for information
      > God Bless
      > please email me off group I cant keep up with all the posts due to
      > being sick. angelmommyusa@...
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