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1599 Geneva Bible Update, Proverbs

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  • SteveZ167
    I just finished uploading the book of Proverbs from the 1599 Geneva Bible to my website. It can be accessed at: http://www.genevabible.org/Geneva.html To
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2003
      I just finished uploading the book of Proverbs from the 1599 Geneva Bible to my website.
      It can be accessed at:
      To download files there, just right click on the links, and choose Save As.
      Also I have posted many articles on my Geneva Bible Yahoo Group to explain the history and differences of the Geneva Bible, here is link to the group:
      Here is the Argument:

      The Argument


      The wonderful love of God toward his Church is declared in this book: for as much as the sum and effect of the whole Scriptures is here set forth in these brief sentences, which partly contain doctrine, and partly manners, and also exhortations to both: whereof the nine first Chapters are as a preface full of grave sentences and deep mysteries, to allure the hearts of men to be diligent reading of the parables that follow: which are left as a most precious jewel to the Church, of those three thousand parables mentioned 1 Kings 4:32, and were gathered and committed to writing by Solomon’s servants, and incited by him.
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      1599 Geneva Bible Online


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