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1599 Geneva Bible Update, Job

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  • SteveZ167
    I just finished uploading the book of Job from the 1599 Geneva Bible to my website. It can be accessed at: http://www.genevabible.org/Geneva.html To download
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      I just finished uploading the book of Job from the 1599 Geneva Bible to my website.
      It can be accessed at:
      To download files there, just right click on the links, and choose Save As.
      Also I have posted many articles on my Geneva Bible Yahoo Group to explain the history and differences of the Geneva Bible, here is link to the group:
      Here is the Argument:

      The Argument


      In this history is set before our eyes the example of a singular patience. For this holy man Job was not only extremely afflicted in outward things and his body, but also in his mind and conscience, by the sharp temptations of his wife, and chief friends: which by their vehement words and subtle disputations brought him almost to despair: for they set forth God as a severe Judge, and mortal enemy unto him, which had cast him off, therefore in vain he should seek unto him for succor. These friends came unto him under pretence of consolation, and yet they tormented him more than did all his affliction. Notwithstanding he did constantly resist them, and at length had good success. In this story we have to mark that Job maintaineth a good cause, but handleth it evil: again his adversaries have an evil matter, but they defend it craftily: For Job held that God did not always punish men according to their sins, but that he had secret judgments, whereof man knew not the cause, and therefore man could not reason against God therein, but he should be convicted: Moreover he was assured that God had not rejected him, yet through his great torments and affliction he brasteth forth into many inconveniences both of words and sentences, and showeth himself as a desperate man in many things, and as one that would resist God: and this is his good cause which he doth not handle well. Again the adversaries maintain with many goodly arguments, that God punisheth continually according to the trespass, grounding upon God’s providence, his justice, and man’s sins, yet their intention is evil: for they labor to bring Job into despair, and so they maintain an evil cause. Ezekiel commendeth Job as a just man, Ezekiel 14:14 and James setteth out his patience for an example, James 5:11

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