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Re: The death don't exist

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  • weeping_calvinist
    Ummm.... ???? gmw. ... now ... that ... a ... person ... in ... have
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      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "cresciniusaseven"
      <coschiera@l...> wrote:
      > My name is Lorenzo Crescini. I am a Captain of the merchant Navy
      > on retirement.
      > When I was a secular missionary in an African leprosary, I wrote
      > some Flashes on the Holy Gospels which helped a lot of people by
      > giving them new trust and hope.
      > You will find them in web site
      > http://digilander.libero.it/crescini
      > E mail
      > flashesgospels@l...
      > Here are the first three Flashes as an example
      > 1. There is the historical proof the myth could not invent the
      > Cross . If the Cross roused a "social orror" by the heathens ,it
      > caused a shocking religious dismay by the Jews. It is not a case
      > the first christians in order to avoid that the preaching might be
      > jeopardised.,represented the Cross by an anchor ,a plough, a mast,
      > man praying with open arms.How can we think that this way of dying
      > was put in the myth by the christians themselves ?
      > 2. Should somebody tell us of having seen a dead person on the
      > cross resuscitated, nobody would believe him. But if the same
      > stating that could also make miracles, then we would believe him.
      > That happened to the Apostles who got the power of making miracles
      > order to be believed. Without that power, Christianity couldn't
      > been born.
      > 3. Jesus says on the Cross: "My God ,My God ,why did You abandon
      > me ? Such words might even shock the reader. Why should they have
      > been written if they weren't true,then ?
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