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[Covenanted Reformation] Re: Witsius concerning Men on Mars/Better Link

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  • jwoods87
    ... hide as Angels of Light. But then again, there is perhaps also Paul on the road to Damascus being instructed. The man saw a light and recieved instruction.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 12, 2003
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      --- Some lights in the sky of the night
      hide as Angels of Light.
      But then again, there is perhaps also Paul on the road to Damascus
      being instructed. The man saw a light and recieved instruction.
      Others observed a part but not all of what he experienced. Did it say
      only ET phone home?
      Those lights in the sky, if one sees them should send them to prayer
      no matter the source. The theory of UFOs are a part of a plan for
      strong delusion not to be subscribed to.

      In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "gmw"
      <raging.calvinist@v...> wrote:
      > "There's a man, who says there is a light in the sky.
      > All my friends say he's telling a lie.
      > But he speaks with such passion that I have to think about.
      > And his hands ... well they tremble as he points it out.
      > But I can't see what it's all about
      > And the voices of many are singing along it seems.
      > Is it all something new? And will I see it too?
      > Or is this just continuing man?
      > Throughout all history claiming they all can see
      > but the evidence falters just short of my hand.
      > And there are lies in the sand."
      > -- King's X.
      > gmw.
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      > Subject: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: Witsius concerning Men on
      Mars/Better Link
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      > > Has anybody confirmed that Witsius is actually citing Kepler?
      > Well, it is and it isn't...
      > Kepler wrote a science fiction story about a man who travels to
      > moon by winged demons conjured up by his mother thru witchcraft.
      > forget if the story says the man had a dream of doing this, or if
      > Kepler was having the dream of a man telling him about this.
      > there is a dream involved. Could be that the man's mother
      conjured a
      > demon to take him in a dream to the moon. I forget. The book was
      > called Somnium and was published after Kepler's death. It was a
      > project Kepler was working on on and off for apparently some
      time. I
      > don't think the story was finished when Kepler died.
      > In the story, he tried putting in details of things that he
      > were true about the moon, based on his own predictions and
      > observations. As his own mother was accused of witchcraft,and I
      > perhaps executed, many saw the story as having more to it than
      > the eye, that it was intended to refer to him dreraming of what
      > believed the moon was like, based on his own observations and
      > theories. It is my undersdtanding that there were added to the
      > a number of notes with observations and predictions. In the
      story, he
      > claims to meet lunarians, plants, and animals on the rock and
      > covered moon.
      > The idea that men lived on the moon was a common idea in the
      > community of that day. It was supported by Galileo, and I have
      > (not confirmed) that Kepler's inclusion of lunarians in his story
      > part of expresiing his views about the moon - namely, that he
      > believed it inhabited. But I can't confirm whether or no that is
      > actually true.
      > (As an aside, such notions remained popular in the science
      > for some time - William Herschel in the 1700s claimed it as a
      > fact that the moon was populated. He claimed that the craters of
      > moon contained lunar cities, and was also so bold as to proclaim
      > the sun had a solid surface in the middle and was also inhabited -

      > the latter of which views is recorded in the 1795 Transactions of
      > Royal Society.)
      > The mention of the Selenographia refers undoubtedly to the work
      > that name issued about that time by Hevelius, consisting of
      > attempted maps of the lunar surface. I have not seen this work,
      > one (or perhaps a few, I don't recall for sure) maps from it, so
      > can not confirm whether he places a footnote incredulously
      > that Kepler actually saw men in his telescope. Yet this seems the
      > most probable source of the claim that Kepler believed he saw
      > in his telescope. But the source itself could be none other than
      > Kepler's Somnium.
      > The Lucian who is mentioned in the text is Lucian of Samosata. He
      > an ancient author who wrote of a trip to the moon (I think via
      > and meeting inhabitants there. It was translated into English in
      > 1634.
      > Around the same time, Francis Godwin released a work about a man
      > flying to the moon on a goose and finding men on the moon 28 feet
      > tall. I am uncertain whether his work is also alluded to in some
      > what Witsius wrote.
      > All these works were released at about the same time and
      > to a growing movement at that time favouring that men lived in
      > space.
      > That's about all I can confirm with respect to this offhand.
      > -thebishopsdoom
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