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The Works of Benjamin B. Warfield at 88% off

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    The Works of Benjamin B. Warfield at 88% off Over 65 sets have sold within the first 2 days!! Solid Ground Christian Books has just made a deal with Baker Book
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2003
      The Works of Benjamin B. Warfield at 88% off

      Over 65 sets have sold within the first 2 days!!

      Solid Ground Christian Books has just made a deal with Baker Book
      House to begin distribution of THE WORKS OF BENJAMIN B. WARFIELD, one
      of the greatest theologians of the late 19th and early 20th century.
      This TEN VOLUME SET is hard cover and contains 5000 pages of
      Warfield's brilliant and biblically sound articles on a variety of
      theological and biblical subjects. In the words of his colleague
      Samuel Craig:

      "What most impresses the student of Warfield's writings—apart from
      his deeply religious spirit, his sense of complete dependence on God
      for all things including especially his sense of indebtedness as a
      lost sinner to His free grace—is the breadth of his learning and the
      exactness of his scholarship. Caspar Wistar Hodge, his immediate
      successor at Princeton Seminary and long his associate, in his
      Inaugural Address after referring to the illustrious men who had
      given the institution fame throughout the world for sound learning
      and true piety, such as Archibald Alexander, Charles Hodge and
      Archibald Alexander Hodge, spoke of Warfield as "excelling them all
      in erudition." John DeWitt, long the professor of Church History in
      Princeton Seminary and himself a man of no mean scholarship, once
      told the writer that he had known intimately the three great Reformed
      theologians of America of the preceding generation— Charles Hodge,
      W.G.T. Shedd and Henry B. Smith—and that he was not only certain that
      Warfield knew a great deal more than any one of them but that he was
      disposed to think that he knew more than all three of them put

      While writing on Warfield's volume "Revelation and Inspiration,"
      renowned theologian John Murray said, "It is the greatest pleasure
      heartily to commend this volume. No one has done more to vindicate
      the doctrine of Scripture and to establish the doctrine of plenary
      inspiration to be the doctrine of Scripture itself than Dr. Warfield."

      On another occasion Murray said, "If this country in the present
      century produced one master theologian it was B.B. Warfield."

      Sinclair Ferguson has said the following about him:
      "B.B. Warfield (1851-1921) is best known as one of the towering
      geniuses in the last one hundred years of American church life. After
      his death, Oxford University Press published a magnificent ten volume
      set of his articles. The range and penetration of Warfield's
      knowledge is breathtaking: he was a skilled New Testament scholar, a
      patient historian, a widely read theologian, and a learned
      controversialist. All this was married to an easy style which
      guaranteed that his work can be read today with pleasure."

      List Price $400.00
      SGCB Price $49.95

      That is an 88% discount. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.
      Order by August 30th to get this great deal! Appropriate shipping and
      handling charges will, of course, be added to the price. Various
      shipping options will be available.

      These should be ready to ship by late September...

      The Volumes are each titled as follows:

      I. Revelation and Inspiration
      II. Biblical Doctrines
      III. Christology and Criticism
      IV. Studies in Tertullian and Augustine
      V. Calvin and Calvinism
      VI. The Westminster Assembly and its Work
      VII. Perfectionism Part One
      VIII.Perfectionism Part Two
      IX. Studies in Theology
      X. Critical Book Reviews

      We hope to have a complete Table of Contents for each volume
      available for your consideration on our web site in the days to come.

      We also have available Faith & Life and The Savior of the World by
      Warfield published by Banner of Truth. These volumes contain the
      heartwarming and breathtaking sermons of Warfield.

      Faith & Life lists for $19.95, and our price is $14.95

      Savior of the World lists for $16.95, and our price is $11.95

      Purchase both for just $25.00.

      Call us toll free (in the US and Canada) 1-877-666-9469
      Call us at 205-443-0311 in other countries
      E-mail us at sgcb@...
      Visit our web site at http://solid-ground-books.com
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