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  • thebishopsdoom
    ... Jerry ... Ahem. Oh ye of little knowledge. Before ever you wrote a wit to Sir Raging, doctor of luvology, he had a previous experiment, the experiment that
    Message 1 of 3 , May 17, 2003
      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Susan"
      <susan_wilkinson@q...> wrote:
      > Doom, you are crackin' me up. :)
      > Finding a mate is EASY (cough cough). You just email your friend
      > whining about the latest mate-search disaster...

      Ahem. Oh ye of little knowledge.
      Before ever you wrote a wit to Sir Raging, doctor of luvology, he had
      a previous experiment, the experiment that went awry, the blob that
      ate New York if you will, the haggis that bit the hand that feeds. It
      lasted about a year, well, actually, now that I think of it I guess
      it may have only been 7 months. Her family were Utah mormons, so
      didn't want anything to do with helping her find some Christian guy,
      and she came into contact with me, of whom she expressed some
      interest, via Dr. Raging.
      Then it happened. Jer quite incidentally ended up uncovering a
      tangled web of deceit that I'd rather not get into (so don't even
      ask - I think even Raging would prefer to keep that whole episode in
      the past). So to the point: Been there. Done that.
      Anyway, my "mate-search disasters" haven't so much been actual
      disasters as dodging icebergs before they hit. When I have been
      approached the past few years by ladies from time to time forward
      enough to ask me for a potential relationship, there always seems to
      be no or little spirituality (or in some cases, well, let's just say
      I have heard at least one such person utter the phrase "REAL
      Christianity, like Benny Hinn"), always it seems neither reformed nor
      open to learning, often there are already out of wedlock children,
      etc. (Ok, there was at least one nice lady work unlike those
      described above that had some interest for a while that was probably
      willing to learn / consider reformed theology, this was at about the
      time I was just getting to know the Raging love disaster person
      mentioned above, but I hadn't figured out that this other lady had
      any interest in me until after she had found another guy - who
      incidentally, she is now married to, though to be fair she had hinted
      at interest before - it's just that sometimes I can be pretty blind
      to hints, sometimes you have to bonk me over the head with a stupid
      stick). I've had people at work try to play matchmaker, too, though
      only rarely (one wanted to hitch me up with a daughter, one wanted to
      introduce me to a neice, and a few wanted to try to get me together
      with this or that coworker). But
      the situations were no better than than those described above (and
      some of the ones people wanted to match me with weren't that great
      looking anyway). So I've spent time the past few years dodging
      icebergs rather than calling on FEMA to clean up after a declared
      Hence, back to the main subject at hand, my groping reliance on the
      statistical, mathematical, and scientistical study humbly submitted
      unto you to justify my current abiding status.
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