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    Early Church, Reformation and Puritan Reformation 30 CD Bookshelf    Free Christian (Reformed) Books and Free MP3 Audio Sermons and Books on Tape • Puritan
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2003
      Early Church, Reformation and Puritan

      Reformation 30 CD Bookshelf 
      Free Christian (Reformed) Books and Free MP3 Audio Sermons and Books
      on Tape • Puritan and Reformation Bookshelf CD sets • Geneva Bibles •
      English Hexapla Bible • King James Version Bibles • Psalters and
      Psalms Singing Cassettes and CDs • Lowest Price Anywhere on the
      Westminster Confession of Faith • Secure Ordering • Home schooling
      Helps • Reformed Children's Books (with no pictures of the Lord Jesus
      Christ) • Family Books • Calvinistic Sermons, Cassettes, Creation
      (and other contemporary issue) Videos, Tracts and Newsletters • Hard
      and SoftCover Books (from Banner of Truth, Soli Deo Gloria,
      Presbyterian and Reformed, etc.) • Rare (Presbyterian, Puritan,
      Covenanter, Reformation) Bound Photocopies • Rare (Classic Calvinism
      and Protestant) Hardcover Photocopies • Search Engine • Debates •
      Much More!

      April 2003
      Dear Friend,
       Last chance to take advantage of SPECIAL PRICING and  get a complete
      Church library at this special pricing for the very high quality
      SWRB Reformation and Puritan CD Sets and NEW Early Christians Set.

      The Retail for this Collection is $695each set. We are able to offer
      this vast collection for only $189each set. I have been informed that
      the Reformation and Puritan Collections are going to increase
      significantly May 1st. For a limited time we will be able to supply
      the complete Reformation 30CD or Puritan 32CD collection at this
      great price.

      All prices include shipping. If you would like to receive the author
      list just contact us at info@... or go to messianic-

      We can except Church, Library, and School purchase orders. Must be
      received before May 1, 2003.
      Ask about our 90 day plan.
       Credit cards. Shipping included.
      This is a vast collection of Biblical and Church information at the
      lowest prices ever.
      Best regards,
      Dennis Humphrey
      Messiah Sources


      Puritan 32 CD Bookshelf
      For when you consider that a large set (or two) of printed books may
      cost you more than these 62 CDs (and these CDs contain over 3,000
      titles, over 500,000 pages, and well over 200 free audio MP3 files!),
      if your purchase them while our 2 for 1 CD sale is still in effect,
      it is easy to see that deals like this do not come along often.32 CDs
      in the PURITAN BOOKSHELF series you get the following five (fully
      searchable) bonus books by contemporary Covenanter authors:


      Early Christian Church 32 CD Set
      NEW, Early Christian Church 32 CD What Christianity was like AD 150,
      What the Early Christians Believed collection at a very special
      introductory price of $166. Comes in a CD Wallet. Excellent set of
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