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Re: DL's ~Are~ National ID Cards !

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  • raging_calvinist
    DR, I am not writing this to attack even one single thing that you ve thus far written. I write this only to provide a little insight to my friend as to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2001
      DR,<br><br>I am not writing this to attack even
      one single thing that you've thus far written. I
      write this only to provide a little insight to my
      friend as to the deep rooted issues we Covenanters have
      concerning the issue of "civil liberties." This is info
      intended for edification, not for argument.<br><br>First,
      I'd like to emphasize that Covenanters are AGAINST
      toleration of false religion, and support the civil
      magistrates right and duty to supress it. See
      <a href=http://covenanter.org/Antitoleration/antitoleration.htm target=new>http://covenanter.org/Antitoleration/antitoleration.htm</a> . Covenanters are NOT ACLU types.<br><br>Second,
      the history of the Scottish Covenanters is a history
      which involves their struggle with being free from
      tyranny of an imposing government. Covenanters are all
      too aware that in history there have been multiple
      occassions where the government began by imposing "little
      things" on it's citizens which eventually became the
      grounds for systematically imprisoning, banishing, and
      slaughtering those
      citizens:<br><br><a href=http://members.aol.com/Puritanone/martyrs.html target=new>http://members.aol.com/Puritanone/martyrs.html</a><br><br><a href=http://members.aol.com/Puritanone/banished.html target=new>http://members.aol.com/Puritanone/banished.html</a><br><br><a href=http://www.tartans.com/articles/cov1.html target=new>http://www.tartans.com/articles/cov1.html</a><br><br>Therefore, I ask you to forgive those of us who are alarmed
      (or merely concerned) at "little things" that other
      people may not notice, like identification cards,
      identification numbers, gun control/licenses, 501c3
      incorporation of churches, etc. Now, this is not to say that we
      all believe that each and every one of those things
      were purposefully designed to eventually persecute
      innocent citizens, or that any of them necessarily were
      designed with that goal in mind. <br><br>SOME of these
      measures we may accept "for wrath's sake," that is, to
      live at peace with fellow man the best that we are
      able. Others are simply not acceptable.<br><br>I wanted
      to provide a little bit of insight as to what you're
      seeing and will see from some people in this
      club.<br><br>Just as you feel strongly about these issues having
      served in law enforcement, so many here feel strongly on
      these issues being Covenanters.<br><br>gmw.
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