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Re: DL's ~Are~ National ID Cards !

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  • thedatarat
    - The real hit to so-called Civil Liberties AIN T the National ID card. It s what occurs when someone authorities check has no ID. Most
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2001
      -<br><br>The real hit to so-called "Civil
      Liberties"<br>AIN'T the National ID card. It's what occurs<br>when
      someone authorities check has no ID.<br><br>Most of you
      probably aren't aware of it,<br>but almost ~every~ State
      has a law making<br>it a criminal offense if a person
      is<br>stopped for a traffic violation and has<br>no
      ID.<br><br>In such situations, the officer can make<br>a
      custodial arrest. At his option, he can<br>either take you
      (in handcuffs) to the<br>police station for
      fingerprinting and a<br>photo ...then release you.<br><br>Or,
      book you into jail (no bond) and<br>let you work out
      your identity with the<br>magistrate in
      court.<br><br>Think about it: If you get stopped for<br>running a red
      light, it wouldn't make<br>sense for the officer to
      write you out<br>a citation, then cut you loose, if
      he<br>wasn't sure who you even were because<br>you have no ID
      on you !<br><br>( This issue frequently can be
      handled<br>for licensed drivers by checking their<br>DOB and
      physical description against<br>their DL info on computer.
      )<br><br>A "National ID Card" ain't no big deal<br>...and
      wouldn't have any enforcement<br>value... unless you could
      be arrested<br>just for not having it in
      possession.<br><br>But, as mentioned above, this is the<br>case in amost
      every State already for<br>driver's licenses if you're
      stopped<br>for a traffic
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