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  • thedatarat
    - rejected ideas such as a national identification card as a possible infringement on civil iberties Exactly ~what~ civil liberty
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2001
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      -<br><br>"rejected ideas such as a national
      identification<br>card as a possible infringement on civil
      iberties"<br><br><br><br>Exactly ~what~ "civil liberty" is infringed by
      a<br>national identity card ?<br><br>Most of us carry driver's
      licenses at all times.<br>Many state's DL's have used a
      thumbprint on<br>'em for DECADES !<br><br>If you're on a
      public street, or in a public<br>place, there's no
      particular "expectation of<br>privacy" ...and, never has
      been.<br><br>The "civil liberties" concern here is just<br>silly
      tradition and simple paranoia.<br><br><br>Your
      Friend,<br><br><br>The DataRat<br><br><br>-
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