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Taliban Ain't So Bad, Afterall !

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  • thedatarat
    - It isn t the Taliban that worries me. It is the response of the civil magistrate here that worries me If Gore had been
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2001
      -<br><br><br>"It isn't the Taliban that
      worries<br>me. It is the response of the civil<br>magistrate
      here that worries me"<br><br><br><br>If Gore had been
      elected, we'd have<br>already fired a couple token
      cruise<br>missiles into Afghanistan and it'd<br>all be over by now.
      We'd then have<br>returned to the real business
      of<br>America: Constructing a socialist<br>People's Republic
      !<br><br>Always remember: The Taiban ISN'T<br>the enemy. Bin
      Laden ISN'T the enemy.<br>Terrorists AREN'T the
      enemy.<br>President Bush is the enemy !<br><br><br>Make Love, Not
      War,<br>Dudes !<br><br>DataRat bin Laden<br><br><br><br><br>-
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