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  • twogunfighter544
    Marianne, The wife and I were recently of Southern Baptist and non- denominational background and I have certainly seen the problems caused by unbiblical
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 8, 2003

      The wife and I were recently of Southern Baptist and non-
      denominational background and I have certainly seen the problems
      caused by unbiblical female influence. However, though you have some
      good personal reasons for women not to exercise extensive unbiblical
      influence over a church should all women not have any voice in
      congregational matters?? Do we seriously think that John's "elect
      lady" or Lydia should be excluded from helping decide congregational
      issues? A quick look at the old testament gives us Debra, Esther as
      well as several women noted as prophetesses also.

      Without question, there ought to be clear leadership of men in any
      church setting. That being said, My wife is directed to be submissive
      to me and the elders in the church other than that she is not
      directed to be submissive to any other man. Most reformed churches
      are governed in a presbyterian manner; in that form of government the
      right of the ruler to govern is assumed to be derived from the
      consent of the governed. I represent my wife and approve of the men
      that rule over us both; this works fine assuming that the woman is
      married. What about the widow who has no representative voting her??
      Is she to submit to men that she has no right to vote for?? How can
      our reformed pastors plead with our congregations, including the
      women, to go out and vote for their civic leaders and not allow them
      to have any say within the church??

      Also, as an Army guy, I am out of town regularly. My wife is my
      executive officer. She is authorized by me, her covenant head and
      commanding officer, to conduct deals (she has bought cars, sold
      houses, etc.), make all decisions on my behalf, and most important of
      all is responsible for the CHristian training and discipline of my
      children. This woman to whom I have delegated this massive level of
      responsibility is somehow not capable of knowing how I would vote in
      a deacon election. As a result of not allowing women to vote
      families like mine would be without a vote around 25-50% of the time.

      Bottom line, I fully support head of household voting on church
      matters. However, the family chain of command ought to be followed
      such that wives are allowed a vote as well if the husband is

      But regardless, these arguments are nothing but a discussion at an
      elders meeting unless someone can show through logical reasoning from
      scripture that appropriate church government excludes women from

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      > Hello,
      > My husband and I have recently become reformed. Being in a Baptist
      > all of our lives this has been quite a shock to our spiritual
      lives. Anyway,
      > in the past few years we have come to the conclusion that the
      husband as the
      > head of the household vote for the family. There was an instance
      where we
      > were voting in a deacon in our church. I did not feel that this
      man should
      > be a deacon. Biblically I didn't think that he had the
      qualifications. I
      > didn't want to be put in the position of voting one way or the
      other. My
      > husband and I decided from then on that he would vote for the whole
      > There are many inmportant decisions that need to made in the
      church. Women
      > tend to think more emotionally than a man. It just makes more sense
      to let
      > our God given heads make the decisions.
      > This may or may not make sense, but I hope it might help a little.
      > God bless,
      > Marianne
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