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It ought not to be so!!!!

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    For Gary Gearon, This was previously posted to covenanters in the summer so is being pasted. Gary it fits your statements on it being natural in some countries
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2003
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      For Gary Gearon,
      This was previously posted to covenanters in the summer so is being pasted.
      Gary it fits your statements on it being natural in some countries for women to be bare above the waist...It ought not be so!!!!! even when feeding the baby...   asked Grant here if he ever got a glimpse of me during the years that I nursed our five girls, staying in the worship service...sitting beside him...Grant's response was no, you always pinned the blanket at the top of your shoulder first.....
      Gary you have left me with the impression that it is far worse for a woman to not have her hair covered than her breast...please tell me I'm wrong.....if I had a book with a picture as you described of covenanters with the woman feeding her child in my home, Jody would have taken and cut out some black tape and fashioned some kind of cover for the woman's nakedness...Jody did that with our World Books... lol
      Here is Grant's response:

      Biblical 4 rule dress code: suggested by Grant A. Soles

      1. cover up Gen.3.. fig leaves aren't enough
      2. keep your body parts in Deut. Tie up the laces
      3. no cross-dressing between sexes. Could this extend to men not dressing in
      same type of clothes....
      4. dress in keeping within the bounds of present culture eg. No burkqa in
      NAmer. and probably not
          the east either, if it is a muslim symbol. Cause no offense. Especially
      on purpose.

      These are the general rules. They must be interpreted. The basic rule of
      interprtation for these rules is
      conservative judgement. There should be no running as close to the edge of
      any of the 4 general rules
      eg. Don't buy a tee shirt which exposes your navel. Don't put a ring in
      there to show off anyway.
      The more that people leave behind their Biblical underpinnings, the more
      they feel free to take off their
      clothes. They regard themselves as innocent and dress accordingly. They
      don't understand themselves to
      be under wrath.
      On the other hand Christians, seeing the realities of the
      unseen, cloth themselves as
      instructed eg. Col. 3 and corresponding dress physically according to the
      Biblical code.
      It is no real offense to anyone so dress this way.


      typed by


      Gary wrote:
      It seems topless is natural for women, in some parts of the world...

      Semi naked Mass in New Guinea? First off, if in a culture like that in
      Papua, many of the indigenous native women go topless as part of their daily
      life. Many still live in straw huts. People hunt for food with bows and
      arrows. All go barefooted. (You have seen similar pictures in National
      Geographic?) To criticize the Pope for not forcing every participant to
      dress up in western attire that meets our criteria is ridiculous. It shows
      the ignorance of those criticizing about what New Guinea is like.

      Just for a point of reference, here are a couple Protestant New Guinea
      missionaries' pages so that you can get a feel of what the culture is like
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