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Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: Law of Nature

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  • Gary Gearon
    When we were in the RPCNA for a couple of years, they had, at the church where James R Wilson used to pastor i.e., Coldenham-Newburgh, NY (I think he s buried
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      When we were in the RPCNA for a couple of years, they had, at the church
      where James R Wilson used to pastor i.e., Coldenham-Newburgh, NY (I think
      he's buried there, and there is a tall memorial stone to him there that you
      see when you pull in), they had a room with a view and audio for the
      mothers. Nice set up. I wonder what the Christian mothers did in the
      catacombs of Rome in the Early Church? My guess is they likely stayed with
      the congregation.

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      > To be clear in this, let me ask you, we are talking
      > about the worship of God and breast feeding. Now, may
      > women have done this before. The have left the room,
      > not the the bathroom. May church have put in rooms for
      > mother to seat in and hear the minister. But, if you
      > really think about it, you might leave the service for
      > 20 minutes. You might have to set in the vestibule.
      > When my children were growing up. I often took then
      > outside. I told then that it was wrong to disrupt the
      > service and then I brought then back in. I have known
      > many mothers that would use a breast pump and the
      > father would take the child out of the service and use
      > mother milk to feed the child.
      > All I am saying is there are ways to do this.
      > Now do you really want to say, "I would rather cause
      > someone else to stumble in there walk. I would rather
      > see them fall, than to find another way of doing
      > this"? Is the glory of Christ of so little honor, that
      > you want the ungodly to speak against the church of
      > God?
      > My heart breaks to hear the reproahes of the world
      > against the church of God. Let us strive to do what
      > God says for us to do. If you can say with a clear
      > heart, I know that what I am doing is to the glory of
      > God. And I know that I am not doing something that
      > will hurt others. Then I say, do it. But, if you find
      > there are ways to do things that may be not so open,
      > and you can say, I do this to the glory of God even
      > those I have liberty, yet so as not to stuble my
      > brother or the ungodly, you need to decide what you
      > will do.
      > "As he and my house, we will serve the Lord"
      > --- "Susan <susan_wilkinson@...>"
      > <susan_wilkinson@...> wrote:
      > > I think for the sake of clarification we should all
      > > be very clear what
      > > we are advocating. Some (those against public
      > > nursing) seem to be
      > > assuming public exposure and some (those for) seem
      > > to be assuming
      > > absolute modesty. At least that's how it appears.
      > >
      > > Fredrick, I do not think that anyone here is
      > > advocating a woman should
      > > nurse her child in public, exposed (please correct
      > > me if I've mis-read
      > > anyone). I believe what is being stated here is that
      > > women should a.)
      > > be discreet and modest (meaning they stay covered,
      > > exposing nothing to
      > > those around them) and b.) women should not be
      > > shooed away into
      > > private all the time they are nursing a child
      > > (though there are times
      > > when a fussy or fidgity baby will make that
      > > necessary, no doubt).
      > >
      > > Nursing women can spend as much as 6 hours a day
      > > nursing a child.
      > > Multiply that by many children in succession or
      > > multiple children at
      > > once and you have a woman who spends a lot of time
      > > with a child at her
      > > breast. That's a lot of time to spend in the
      > > bathroom away from
      > > society and the rest of life, not to mention a
      > > woman's many other
      > > duties.
      > >
      > > If a woman is discreet and modest (as defined above)
      > > what is the man
      > > lusting after? The ~thought~ of nursing? If so, then
      > > isn't that
      > > evidence of his sin in perverting something God has
      > > established
      > > instead of evidence of the mother's sin? If not, and
      > > if she has not
      > > exposed herself, what is her crime?
      > >
      > > Susan
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    • GGearon@pikeonline.net
      Well said, Susan. You really ought to write a book. ... GG ... [This E-mail scanned for viruses by Pike Online, Inc.]
      Message 96 of 96 , Dec 28, 2002
        Well said, Susan. You really ought to write a book.


        Susan <susan_wilkinson@...> wrote:

        > To: covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com
        > From: "Susan <susan_wilkinson@...>" <susan_wilkinson@...>
        > Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 21:37:31 -0000
        > Subject: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: Law of Nature
        > One can nurse, even publicly, without showing anything. I understand
        > that our culture has perverted their perception of the female form
        > into something ungodly, but we need to be careful of making an over
        > correction and using the worlds perverseness as justification for
        > needless exposure.
        > Susan
        > --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Gary Gearon"
        > <GGearon@p...> wrote:
        >> I think the issue as to cleavage can also become legalistic.
        > Revealed cleavage, needs to be assesed as to the motive (to attract
        > immodestly, or for nursing).
        >> I recall a story related to me, wherein a soldier walked by a
        > maternity ward in an Arabic country. The women were breast feeding,
        > with no upper garment, when a man walked by. They ran to cover their
        > heads upon the sight of the man, and not their breasts...as you would
        > expect in other parts of the "post-Christian" world. Also, if you have
        > a copy of the Shorter Catechism Explained (Banner of Truth), you will
        > see a woman with a bare breast and head covered, nursing her child in
        > the Catechism class, on the front cover.
        >> GG
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