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  • Cheryl
    Dear Friends, I don t normally pass stuff like this along, but thought I would do so on this list as SWRB has been a wonderful means and source of Covenanting
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2002
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      Dear Friends,
      I don't normally pass stuff like this along, but thought I would do so on this list as SWRB has been a wonderful means and source of Covenanting and classic Reformed works for many Christians.
      Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

      It is with sadness that I report that SWRB has fallen on very hard
      times which are severely impeding our ability to spread the truth --
      and which may possibly even stop this ministry altogether. In fact, I
      don't recall ever having been in a position where an email like this
      may be crucial to our ability to continue this work.

      Thus, I would first like to ask you to pray constantly for SWRB (and
      our testimony to the truth), asking the Lord that He would intervene
      in such a way as to turn the present situation around (so that we may
      continue with the work we have been doing for over 18 years now).

      Also, if you are so inclined, this would be a very good time to fast
      along with your prayers for SWRB. Unfortunately, I will not be able
      to fast with you (though I would love to) due to my illness and the
      medications that I must now take a number of times a day -- but I am
      sure the Lord knows that I would be fasting if I could.

      Many people have sacrificed time, energy, funds, and much more to
      make SWRB a strong testimony for truth in a very dark world and it
      would be a major loss to the Covenanter cause if the devil were to
      succeed in shutting down this work at this time (especially when so
      many valuable new resources are so close to being released).

      Moreover, as you will see from the attached PDF file, the free
      sermons we offer to the world at http://sermonaudion.com/swrb are
      reaching around the globe in ever increasing numbers. In fact, if we
      are able to continue, we hope to see over 1000 free sermons per week
      being downloaded from http://sermonaudion.com/swrb in the near
      future. Furthermore, we were told some time ago that over 50,000
      pages of free material (http://www.swrb.com/newslett/newslett.htm) is
      downloaded each day from our web site (and this number is probably
      much greater now).

      It has always been our goal to promote the most truthful information,
      whether it was popular or not. We have also tried to make as much of
      this teaching available free of charge as was possible. This has
      often left us in a tough financial situation, but we have never faced
      a situation as serious as what we are now going through.

      Of course your prayers are what we covet most (as the Lord is well
      able to rescue us from the present troubles and shortfalls), but if
      you are able to help financially at this time I would ask that you
      contact us for more information about what is taking place and how
      you may be able to assist us in this work.

      Some of the information I have is of the sensitive variety, so I will
      not be sending it out over email, but if you can help and you call me
      at 780-450-3730, I will give you a detailed update -- or if you email
      your phone number and the best time to call, I will do what I can to
      contact you.

      Even if each of you (who receives this email) were able to purchase
      our new Reformation Bookshelf CD set
      (http://www.swrb.com/Puritan/reformation-bookshelf-CDs.htm) in the
      next week or so that would likely buy us the time we need to get back
      on our feet as we release the rest of this CD set to the public (over
      the next 30+ weeks).

      In fact, if you are able to purchase the Reformation Bookshelf CD set
      (to help SWRB in our time of need) we will give you a complete 32 CD
      set of the Puritan Bookshelf CDs for free (unless you would also like
      to volunteer to purchase these CDs to help us further -- though it is
      your choice and either way would be a great help to us at this time).

      We also have a large list of seminaries, missionaries, elders, and
      other Christians who are often too poor to afford these CDs. If you
      are able to purchase more than one set (or even extra portions of a
      set or sets) to help us and others in this time of need, we ask that
      you please do so as soon as possible. This list even includes a
      recently formed German think tank/seminary with a group of men that
      are quickly moving toward the Covenanter position and hope to
      translate Covenanter works from English into German.

      The same sort of thing is happening on many fronts in other countries
      with various other opportunities to see the best Covenanter and
      Reformed literature translated into other languages. Church plants,
      men aspiring to be Covenanter elders, whole churches turning to Psalm
      singing, family worship being instituted, and much more is also in
      the works in many parts of the world, due in part to the resources we
      are able to distribute (and all by God's marvelous grace!). They are
      many ways in which you will minister to SWRB, and others around the
      world who are in need, by responding with financial help now.

      I should probably also mention that SWRB has already freely given
      away all the CD sets that we can afford at this point (actually,
      probably more than we can really afford), and the worldwide requests
      we constantly receive asking for help in this way always far
      outnumbers our ability to give -- that is why we have ready lists of
      those who are requesting help (as noted above).

      So if there is any way that you can offer us (and the others on our
      lists) practical assistance at this time it would be greatly

      This is a crucial time for the survival of SWRB and we need your help
      financially -- but especially your prayers.

      We thank you in advance for your prayers (and fasting) and any other
      help you may be able to give -- as well as for all of the support you
      have given us over the years. With your help and the Lord's blessing
      upon it, we hope that we are able to pull through this time of crisis
      and continue to serve the body of Christ for years to come.


      For the Third Reformation,
      Reg Barrow, President, STILL WATERS REVIVAL BOOKS Inc.
      Serving Christians worldwide (in over 80 countries) for 18+ years.
      SUPER SALES, DEBATES, and much more at: http://www.swrb.com
      Email add@... to be added to our EMAIL SUPER SALES list
      regbarrow@...    Voice: +1 780 450 3730    Fax: +1 780 468 1096
      Discount Christian resources by mail-order. ASK for a FREE catalogue!
      4710-37A Ave. Edmonton AB Canada T6L 3T5

      The NEW  REFORMATION BOOKSHELF CD series (30 CDs) super sale is at:

      PURITAN BOOKSHELF CD series (32 CDs) super sale at:

      FREE audio sermons and books (by Calvin, Knox, Rutherford and other
      Covenanters) at:

      FREE etext sermons and books (by Calvin, Knox, Rutherford and other
      Covenanters) at:

      SECURE SWRB ORDER FORM at https://www.shopalberta.com/swrb/


      "The Church of the Covenanters has a precious inheritance. The
      achievements of the past, the privileges of the present, and the
      victories of the future -- all, all are hers, if she be faithful. The
      Old Blue Banner leads to the world-wide triumph of the principles it
      represents. This is no presumption; it is a foregone conclusion, the
      very language of logic. The certainty is based on God's revealed
      purpose, and glows in the richest hues of prophecy. Humility forbids
      boasting; we have not said that the Covenanted Church shall have this
      honor. But the Banner of the Covenant, by whomsoever borne, will
      surely be glorified with victory, as Jesus Christ, the great Captain,
      leads His conquerors to universal conquest."

      "Sketches of the Covenanters" by J. C. McFeeters (p. 411,


      "Brethren, I speak after the manner of men; Though it be but a man's
      covenant, yet if it be confirmed, no man disannulleth, or addeth
      thereto" (Gal. 3:15, KJV).


      P.S. If you have been helped by SWRB in the past, please consider
      helping us now. Thank you.
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