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Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Theodore Letis and the KJV.

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  • solemnleague@aol.com
    The site with the best info is at: www.holywordcafe.com/bible/Letis.html To see James White and his ministry
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2002
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      The site with the best info is at:www.holywordcafe.com/bible/Letis.html
      To see James White and his ministry and their reaction when confronted with their misrepresentation of Dr. Letis and the Reformed view of the TR/KJV see this link.
      There is a letter written to him by  a Baptist that confronted James White over false statements White made about Ted Letis on a list and then there is another letter where I had an exchange with a person from Alpha and Omega ministries.
      There is also a newsletter explaining the situation White is in.
      Very compelling stuff. The way White and Alpha and Omega Ministries deals with this subject is tragic and not Reformed. What is pitiful is many in the Reformed denominations see him as a helper to the Protestant cause.

      The site is at:http://www.holywordcafe.com/bible/Letis.html
      Article exposing White: http://www.holywordcafe.com/bible/IRRBS-04-20-02.pdf

      Letter from a Baptist brother asking White about false statements made about
      Ted Letis and the next letter from me to Alpha and Omega Ministries asking them
      to deal honestly with Dr. Letis: http://www.holywordcafe.com/bible/dismal_stuff1.pdf
      Take care,
      Paul Moore
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