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Re: The King James Version

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  • thedatarat
    ^ 1. Textual -- which text should we use? Majority Text or Alexandrian/Wescott-Hort, or whatever? The KJV translators ~didn t~ have
    Message 1 of 734 , Aug 29, 2001
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      ^<br><br>"1. Textual -- which text should we
      use?<br>Majority Text or Alexandrian/Wescott-Hort,<br>or
      whatever?"<br><br><br>The KJV translators ~didn't~ have any<br>'Majority
      Text' because they didn't even<br>have the majority of
      Byzantine manuscripts.<br><br>The KJV vs. Modern Versions
      debate, then,<br>is ~not~ one about a 'Majority
      Text'.<br>Rather: It's about the TR and other, more<br>complete and
      reliable manuscript bases.<br><br><br><br><br>"2.
      Translation -- which Bible most<br>accurately translates that
      text into<br>English"<br><br><br>The KJV has some bad
      -and, frankly,<br>inexplicable- renderings
      ...even<br>within the TR.<br><br>Which is to say, the KJV is
      problematic<br>even assuming the superiority of the<br>TR
      !<br><br><br><br><br>"3. Ecclesiastical -- Uniformity of<br>religion means
      that we should not<br>have the problem of walking into
      a<br>church and wondering which translation<br>is going to be
      used today"<br><br><br>A non-issue. As the KJV
      translators<br>themselves pointed-out, a variety of<br>translations are
      beneficial.<br><br>The church The DataRat has membership<br>uses the
      NIV. And, DR's pastor quotes<br>from the NIV in the
      pulpit. The Reformed<br>Rodent reads along in the NASB
      (his<br>take-to-church Bible). It's beneficial<br>to compare the
      readings from these two<br>translations during church
      services !<br><br>There's no compelling reason to
      be<br>reading from the same Bible version<br>in church. In
      fact, the opposite is<br>true.<br><br><br><br>El Raton
      de los Datos<br><br><br><br>^
    • almo_no1
      prayers are easy gmw, you ve got em.
      Message 734 of 734 , Sep 18, 2001
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        prayers are easy gmw, you've got 'em.
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