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Mr. Camping's Doctrine on Family Radio

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  • freegracealone
    Mr. Camping s resurrected soul is blind, sad to say, and cannot see. Just imagine a resurrected soul that has no hands (to receive Christ), no feet (to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3 2:04 PM
      Mr. Camping's "resurrected soul" is blind, sad to say, and cannot see.

      Just imagine a "resurrected soul" that has no hands (to receive
      Christ), no feet (to walk in newness of life), and no eyes (to see
      the beauties of Christ and the Gospel)!

      And yet, this is what is being taught on Family Radio these days!

      What is true saving faith, but the "spiritual exercises" of the new
      (or the new creature) that has been brought forth to eternal life by
      God's sovereigm grace in regeneration!

      I understand what Mr. Camping is trying to say, but to boldly teach
      on the radio that new believers do not *exercise saving faith* (in
      their conversion) is a worse error than to say that "the church age
      has ended"..etc.

      By faith the elect obtain salvation, for the Bible speaks about
      "the faith of God's elect".

      Without faith it is impossible to please God.

      True saving faith unites us to Christ, and by it we renounce
      all "good works" and self rightousness, and receive the imputed
      Righteousness of Christ alone for our eternal justification.

      Where there is no vision (or spiritual eyesight), the people perish.

      Once I was blind, but now I see!

      Surely it was not a "work"
      for the poor blind man to begin to see the light of day for the
      first time -- when Jesus touched him and gave him his sight!

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