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Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Martin Luther on disciplining children

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  • Soles
    For what it s worth, being a older Christain woman with five grown children, I ll pipe up here on this. Maybe this will be of use to those of you who still
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2002
      For what it's worth, being a older Christain woman with five grown
      children, I'll pipe up here on this. Maybe
      this will be of use to those of you who still have young children.

      The best that I have read on disciplining children... is by Larry
      Christianson "The Christian Family"

      He talks of the godly example of his father who would wait until he was in
      control of him-self before disciplining...in other wards no punishment
      handed out until the Father was not angry. This is important, for abuse can
      come when the parent not in control of himself.

      Prior discussion of what behaviors earn what punishments....so the children
      prior understanding of the consequences of certain behaviors.
      The child understanding that the parent is the Lord's representative in
      their lives, that the Lord requires the parent to be just, to met out proper
      And so as the Lord's representative the child after correction, is to be
      prayed with, comforted, and forgiveness given to...the reassurance of
      continuing love.
      The Parent need not be angry, infact I apologized if I became angry and
      asked my Lovelies to forgive me.

      My oldest daughter Belinda who now has her own two ages 4 and 3 has paid to
      a high compliment that my example of loving patience shown to her while
      disciplining her and her sister... has given to her a godly pattern to

      Following this example, here are my procedures.

      Over a year ago...Belinda and her two children stayed with us for 8 weeks
      for she was on crutches and needed help with her two little ones...My
      grandson Calvin had hurt his younger sister, and being that none of the
      aunties were present the disciplining fell to me....[shutter, ]..... so
      Calvin and I went into the bathroom where it was private...I asked him how
      many whacks would his Daddy probably give him for hurting Baillie, he told
      me at least four, then I asked him to get into the proper position, which he
      calmly did, pants down[I had always left behinds covered]lol... then I
      administered the strokes...counting aloud, then the slightly teary eyed
      Calvin told me that I was to pray asking God to forgive him for hurting
      Baillie and to ask God to help him to remember not to hurt her again...so I
      prayed as Calvin requested.... after the amen, Calvin hugged me and I
      kissed him back and we left the bathroom both cheered and Calvin went over
      and gave his little sister a hug and a kiss and told her he was sorry that
      he had hurt her, and would she please forgive him.....Baillie responded with
      a "Yeash"

      I was greatly relieved that Calvin had made it so easy for me.

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