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Re: Singing the Name of Jesus in the Psalms

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  • thebishopsdoom
    ... wrote: By the way, is this something you changed your mind on, BD? I recall an email sent to me arguing FOR Yeshua s Name in the
    Message 1 of 4 , May 31, 2002
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      --- In covenantedreformationclub@y..., "raging_calvinist"
      <ragingcalvinist@c...> wrote:
      "By the way, is this something
      you changed your mind on, BD? I recall an email sent to me arguing
      FOR Yeshua's Name in the Psalms."
      Yes, quite some time ago now it seems. The email in question was
      based upon Bacon's article when he posted it in a forum long before
      he put it at his website. I normally check up on stuff like that, but
      I figured the man knows his Hebrew, and assumed without checking far
      enough into the matter at the time. It was only after the fact that I
      ended up looking it up and catching the error.

      "I'm going to have to look deeper into this before I can determine
      that the things you are pointing out amount to more than a variation,
      but my Hebrew resources are limited."
      The words sound similar, but not exactly, and they do have different
      meanings, as I will prove in a moment. One is the abbreviated form of
      YHWH is salvation, which is the name Joshua or Yahoshua, which is
      abbreviated Yeshua, but not using the same word Yeshua as appears in
      the Psalter, and they are not pronounced the same.
      3442,43: Jeshua, a contracted form of the proper noun [3091] used in
      the later Hebrew, Gr. Ihsus - 1. of Joshua, the leader of the
      Israelites... 2. of a high priest by the same name... 3. proper noun
      of other men mentioned in the books of Chronicles, Ezra, and
      Nehemiah. 4. a city of Judah.
      3444: 1. Verbal adj. f. that which is delivered safe... 2. Subst. a.
      deliverance, help... b. welfare... c. victory.
      NIDNTT also lists Jesus in Greek as coming from the proper name
      Yeshua as the contracted form of #3091 above.
      There is no apparent reference to 3444 ever being used as a proper
      name, and in fact, looking up Gesenius further, there is a proper
      name that signifies the same as 3444, and it is not 3442.
      #1954 is the name Hoshea or Hosea. It was Joshua's name before it had
      been changed to Joshua. It is the proper noun equivalent to 3444, and
      means salvation or welfare. Had Jesus had this name, it would not
      have been transliterated as Jesus, and it still would not be the same
      word as the word in the Psalter, only a proper noun that is
      equivalent in meaning to the term.
      If 3444 was ever used as a proper noun, it doesn't seem common,
      whereas 3442 was a fairly common Hebrew name. If Jesus' Hebrew name
      was 3442, then it is different than 3444. To think otherwise is to
      assert that there was no significance or difference in meaning when
      Joshua's original name (1954 - a proper noun equivalent in meaning to
      3444) was changed (to 3091, the unabbreviated form of 3442). But it
      was significant, just as the change from Abram to Abraham was
      significant though the change may seem slight.
      - thebishopsdoom
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