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Re: [Covenanted Reformation Club] Re: THE HOLY SHROUD

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  • Dr�usioGon�alves
    I totally agree with your point of view. Drausio. ... __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Health - your guide to health
    Message 1 of 13 , May 1, 2002
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      I totally agree with your point of view.


      --- raging_calvinist <ragingcalvinist@...>
      > "Surely, we do not venerate relics, but that fact
      > alone cannot mean
      > that relics are not in fact relics."
      > Here is my take on the Shroud:
      > 1. I do not believe that it is genuine. The burial
      > clothes in
      > Scripture do not sound like one sheet wrapped around
      > the entire
      > length of the body (John 20:5-7).
      > 2. Whether it is genuine, or not, it doesn't matter
      > one bit to me.
      > My faith is not increased, nor decreased, based on
      > the Shroud.
      > 3. I happen to be a bit of a biblical archaeology
      > buff, and I'm all
      > for studying the artifacts of days gone by, in the
      > hopes of shedding
      > some light on the cultures and times described in
      > Scripture. But the
      > FACT is that certain artifacts, even those that are
      > not genuine, tend
      > to be abused by superstitious folk who demand a sign
      > to believe. The
      > Shroud is no exception. Just look at the title of
      > this thread, and
      > have no doubt what is going on here: The ***HOLY***
      > Shroud.
      > 4. Because the above is true, some artifacts, as
      > precious and as
      > wonderful they may be in other circumstances, must,
      > in other
      > circumstances, be destroyed. As Cheryl alludes to
      > in here last post,
      > even the Brazen Serpent, which was made at the
      > command of God, had to
      > be destroyed because of the superstitious idolatry
      > which became
      > attached to it (2 Kings 18:4). Of course, if
      > Hezekiah was a Papist,
      > he would have authorized the worship of it and hid
      > this goldmine in
      > the Vatican. ;)
      > The "Holy" Shroud = Nehushtan.
      > gmw.

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