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Re: Hymns and visions

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  • Calvinlives
    That s why the late Dr. Greg Bahnsen thought that more than just the Psalms could be sung in public worship. CL could you briefly explain
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2002
      "That's why the late Dr. Greg Bahnsen<br>thought
      that more than just the Psalms<br>could be sung in
      public worship."<br><br>CL could you briefly explain
      Bahnsen's argument?<br>Thanks<br><br>Jason
      <br><br><br>CL:<br><br>Briefly stated, Bahnsen held that to insist that<br>the
      RPW requires that anything that we sing must<br>have
      the explicit warrant of Scripture is to
      <br>misunderstand and misapply the RPW. He considered<br>that to be
      on the par with someone insisting that<br>the very
      words of our prayers and sermons must <br>have the
      explicit warrant of Scripture.<br><br>He also held that to
      prohibit congregational<br>singing of anything but the OT
      psalms was an<br>unwarranted additon to the word of God
      (cf. Deut.<br>4:2) and--ironically--a violation of the
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