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Baptists vs. Covenant Children

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  • raging_calvinist
    That, and also that you eat Babdists! The Anabaptists... tho they do not simply deny or oppugn the ordinance of baptism, yet by denying and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2002
      "That, and also that you eat
      Babdists!"<br><br>"The Anabaptists... tho' they do not simply deny or
      oppugn the ordinance of baptism, yet by denying and
      oppugning the baptism of infants, born within the visable
      church, they do not only at one dash un-baptize and
      un-church all the thousands of our Israel, but do alas
      leave our children and posterity, in regard of any
      covenant-privilege, or seal, in little or not better condition, than
      these of Infidels or Pagans; and how prevailing an
      opinion and party this is in these nations at this day,
      is manifest enough." (James Guthrie, "Some
      Considerations Contributing unto the Discovery of the Dangers
      That Threaten Religion, and the Work of Reformation in
      the Church of Scotland." 1660).<br><br>"That alike it
      is to baptize an infant, as to baptize an ass or a
      stone." -- The teaching of Servetus the Anabaptist,
      according to John Knox.<br><br>"Therefore we detest the
      error of the Anabaptists, who are not content with the
      one only baptism they have once received, and
      moreover condemn the baptism of the infants of believers,
      who we believe ought to be baptized and sealed with
      the sign of the covenant, as the children in Israel
      formerly were circumcised upon the same promises which are
      made unto our children." (Belgic Confession of Faith,
      Article 34).<br><br>"They condemn the Anabaptists, who
      reject the baptism of children, and say that children
      are saved without Baptism." (Augsburg Confession of
      Faith, Article 9).<br><br>"And so we damn the error of
      the Anabaptists, who deny baptism to appertain to
      children before that they have faith and understanding."
      (Scottish Confession of Faith [1560], chapter
      23).<br><br>"Besides, while it is sufficiently clear that the force,
      and so to speak, the substance of Baptism are common
      to children, to deny them the sign, which is
      inferior to the substance, were manifest injustice." --
      John Calvin (Genevan Catechism).<br><br>This is not,
      and never was, a matter indifferent.<br><br>gmw.
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