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Re: Testimonies

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  • thebishopsdoom
    Susan wrote: What s wrong with testimonies ? (cont.) 4. Lastly, there is the testimony of the Word of God applied by the Church to the various
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
      Susan wrote:<br>"What's wrong with
      "testimonies"?"<br>(cont.)<br>4. Lastly, there is the testimony of the Word of God
      applied by the<br>Church to the various things she has
      encountered over the ages. There is the Church's testimony
      against Arianism, Deism, Pelagianism, Paganism, various
      moral corruptions and scandals in society, church, and
      state, and many other things. Since the churches have
      historically been scattered abroad, and without always having
      contact with one another, and have had various synods in
      various locations, the Church has not been sanctified
      everywhere to the same degree, and thus some churches will
      be more reformed than others, and have a greater
      testimony than others. But the testimony of the church,
      like a person's own testimony, is something that
      accumulates as it grows. Arianism was doctrinally wrong in
      the earliest era of the church, but the church had
      not yet had reason to testify expressly concerning it
      until the error showed its ugly head. Also, the church
      saw no need to testify against, say, monothelitism,
      until the error had become manifested so that it was
      understood what it was implying. So too with other issues
      that have come up over the centuries. It is the
      history of the church's struggle with the world and those
      errors that have grown up in the church as well, and
      where they have planted their feet firm as on a rock
      testifying against these sins. This testimony is likewise
      important as it helps us to determine whether the church
      that is perhaps less reformed in a few things might in
      fact be in a better condition than the one that is yet
      more reformed, because the former continues to
      progress while the latter is on a downward spiral. As we
      all know, churches, considered as a corporate body,
      no less than people, can move forward and can also
      backslide. And the church can backslide even when there are
      many within her walls who are personally advancing
      forwards. So testifying against the backsliding of a church
      does not imply that noone in the congregations of that
      church is advancing.<br>So there is an importance to all
      of these testimonies, and one ought not to be
      ashamed of their own testimony. It is the power of Christ
      to lost sinners, and a firm fortress erected to
      testify against the world in all of its known
      corruptions.<br>-thebishopsdoom<br>"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and
      the word of their testimony."
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