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  • thebishopsdoom
    Susan wrote: What s wrong with testimonies ? (cont.) 2. There is the testimony of special providences of God upon your life. Like the former
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
      Susan wrote:<br>"What's wrong with
      "testimonies"?"<br>(cont.)<br>2. There is the testimony of special providences of
      God upon your life. Like the former testimony, these
      may or may not be true (one could claim a conversion
      that ultimately didn't happen, one may also claim that
      God "answered their prayers" by allowing them to do
      something that was in fact actually sinful, which would
      also be a false testimony insofar as they see it as an
      act of grace towards them that they were led into
      sin). This is a testimony to the power and the love of
      God towards his saints.<br>3. There is a testimony
      that is the Christian life. This is manifested by both
      words and deeds. While some emphasize only deeds,
      because "actions speak louder than words," there is more
      than deeds to it. It also includes more than merely
      moral sanctification, but also doctrinal. There is an
      importance to these testimonies as well. Consider the
      following scenario: you find a Christian that appears to be
      struggling terribly with an unjustifiable anger. Now, would
      you regard the situation in the same in each of the
      following scenarios: 1. they had struggled with this sin
      all of their life, and were a new Christian,<br>2.
      they had struggled with this sin all their life, and
      they continued struggling with it thru their Christian
      life, with ups and downs.<br>3. They had struggled with
      this sin much of their preChristian life and had
      stopped having agreat struggle with it for years and
      years and were now falling prey to it
      again.<br>Generally, one would consider the first two scenarios to be
      the struggle of mortification of sin, but the latter
      the problem of backsliding back to one's old
      ways.<br>Doctrinally, as well, there is an importance of testimony. For
      example, if you heard someone explain what they believed
      about salvation or about the Trinity, and they gave you
      a formulation that was not quite accurate (and hey,
      how many of us can honestly say we've never accepted
      any analogy about the Trinity that we later realized
      wasn't really accurate "well, the Trinity is like the
      egg, 3 parts in one whole" [but not the same
      substance] or the Trinity is like time, it can be regarded
      as past, present, or future depending on where you
      look at it from" [kind of like sabellian modalism?]),
      barring something very explicitly and openly heretical
      (like denying the Trinity altogether), one would
      generally not consider them to be in the same danger if
      they were 1. a child who has just come to faith, 2. a
      fairly new believer who has had no theological
      background and might need to be probed further and
      instructed to determine whether they actually know what they
      are professing and what it implies, and 3. a seminary
      professor who has spent years on the issue and shows a
      clear recognition of the various views and rejects a
      correct formulation for an erroneous one. Likewise if a
      church in China let's say, had very little theological
      background, and one found them teaching numerous errors and
      with a lack of theological precision, depending on the
      nature of their errors, there may be cause for a more
      charitable assessment of them than there would be of a
      church that has come out of those same errors before,
      and was now falling back into them. These matters are
      also a part of the church's testimony.<br>Which brings
      us to...<br>(cont. - again, sorry for all the
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