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Re: Testimonies

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  • thebishopsdoom
    Susan wrote: What s wrong with testimonies ? Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. One problem that I do have is that in some churches I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
      Susan wrote:<br>"What's wrong with
      "testimonies"?"<br><br>Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.<br>One problem that I
      do have is that in some churches I have been around,
      the term "testimony" has been narrowed to mean only
      "how did you come to find Christ?" The problem is that
      this is not all there is to a testimony.<br>All people
      who have professed Christ, and all churches as well,
      have a testimony, whether they wish to share it or no.
      That tesimony is the history of their dealings with
      Christ.<br>There is an importance to one's testimony in a few
      ways.<br>1. There is the testimony of conversion. This as I
      said is the perhaps most common use of the term today.
      If you have one, it is certainly not wrong to share
      it. It is a sharing of the power of Christ to lost
      sinners. On the other hand, there are always going to be
      those who were converted at such an early age that they
      have no "wild story" to tell about how evil they were
      and how God came down and touched them. The problem
      is that certain ones will try to argue if you don't
      remember the specifics of your conversion, you must never
      have been converted. On the contrary, it seems plain
      to me that many will be converted as little
      children, developing a child like faith in a manner quite
      parallel to the development of their mental faculties and
      their coming to knowledge of the specifics of the
      Gospel. This isn't to argue as though there was not a
      time they were unconverted, but what are they going to
      say? "Yeah, I peed my pants once when I was one year
      old and really did it more for attention than because
      I really had to go, but Christ took me from all of
      that attention seeking to a Godward focus." In our day
      and age, however, it seems many of us are coming to
      Christ either as adults or as much older children, and
      we will have more of a testimony in this first
      sense.<br>(cont. - and I apologize for all the multiple postings)
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