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Re: Psalmody

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  • raging_calvinist
    DR: We might have an exemplar here in Lutheranism. Did the Lutherans sing Luther s hymns in worship ? If so, we can date hymnody back to the
    Message 1 of 734 , May 24 7:52 AM
      DR: "We might have an exemplar here in
      Lutheranism. Did the Lutherans sing Luther's hymns in worship
      ? If so, we can date hymnody back to the
      early-Reformation."<br><br>Yes, Luther wrote some 30-40 hymns (going by memory
      here). Calvin wrote none (though one is spuriously
      attributed to him). Zwingli, though blessed with musical
      ability, also wrote none, nor used them in worship that we
      are aware of. The practice of the Church of Scotland
      was also exclusive Psalmody (which makes complete
      sense since thet held faithfully to the Westminster
      Standards which authorize no other songs but the Psalms for
      worship). So while the "early-reformation," specifically,
      the Lutheran Church, may have sung hymns other than
      the Psalms, the thoroughly Reformed Churches did not.
      Since when did you prefer Luther over Calvin and
      Knox?<br><br>DataRat: "If that 'intent' is there [in the WCF], it's
      certainly NOT explicit." <br> <br>Sure it is. As I've
      pointed out, they just finished teaching the Regulative
      Principle, and then they list the things which are to be
      done in worship, one of which is Psalm-singing. The
      position of the Westminster Standards is that if it is not
      held forth by command or godly example in Scripture,
      it is forbidden. This must be understood as the
      context in which they list things which may be done in
      worship, DataRat. Let the document say what it says. The
      Confession, both Catechisms, the Directory for Public
      Worship, and the Directory for Family Worship all hold
      forth the regulative principle that God is to be in no
      way worshipped other than by the means He Himself
      reveals to us, and NONE of those documents teach that we
      ought to sing anything else in worship of God save the
      Psalms. The Directory for Public Worship has a section
      dedicated on the singing of Psalms. There is no section on
      hymns, nor is there a section on waving SlimJims in the
      air for worship? Why? Because neither is an element
      of worship recognized or approved of by the
      Standards. The Standards nowhere allow the singing of
      anything else in the worship of God. We must also take
      into account that they authorized ONE book of songs to
      be used in worship, the Psalter. You cannot find
      authorization for uninspired songs in worship in the
      Westminster Standards, and against the backdrop of the
      Regulative Principle which is found therein, this means the
      practice is forbidden.<br><br>You asked, "Does your church
      sing the literal Psalms ? If so, from which Bible
      translation?"<br><br>Yes. We sing (acapella) from the Scottish Psalter
      1650, aka "The Psalms of David in Metre," aka "the
      Rouse." It was translated into metre from the Hebrew, and
      rejected several times until it was deemed an accurate
      translation, and approved for use in worship by the General
    • almo_no1
      prayers are easy gmw, you ve got em.
      Message 734 of 734 , Sep 18, 2001
        prayers are easy gmw, you've got 'em.
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