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Re: Psalmody

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  • thedatarat
    * or any other way not prescribed in the holy Scripture Here you quote the Westminister on what is generally known as the Regulative
    Message 1 of 734 , May 24, 2001
      *<br><br>"or any other way not prescribed in the
      holy<br>Scripture"<br><br><br>Here you quote the Westminister on what
      is<br>generally known as the Regulative Principle.<br><br>This
      brings the issue back to the frame of<br>reference where
      it ought be: Does the Bible<br>authorize worship of
      the Lord with songs not<br>found in the Psalms
      ?<br><br>As the Genevan Rodent has demonstrated
      by<br>exegesis of Ephesians 5:18-19 (thanx Clarimer !),<br>we
      have the necessary Scriptural
      warrant.<br><br><br><br><br>"it is equally difficult to account for
      the<br>neglect of the churches at the time of
      the<br>Reformation, and for generations afterwards"<br><br><br>We
      might have an exemplar here in Lutheranism.<br>Did the
      Lutherans sing Luther's hymns in<br>worship ? If so, we can
      date hymnody back to
      the<br>early-Reformation.<br><br><br><br>"I believe that the intent of the
      Westminster<br>Assembly was indeed to exclude uninspired hymns<br>in the
      worship of God"<br><br><br>If that "intent" is there,
      it's certainly NOT<br>explicit. One wonders why -if
      that was their<br>clear intention- they weren't plain
      in stating so.<br>It would have been so easy to come
      out and just<br>state it. The Westminister had no
      problem being<br>uneqivocal on other points
      !<br><br>Moreover, The DataRat rejects the notion that<br>hymns not
      taken word-for-word from the Bible are<br>to be
      denounced as "uninspired" any more than the<br>preacher's
      sermon is denounced as "uninspired"<br>because it has
      content not taken word-for-word<br>from Scripture
      !<br><br><br><br>"Do you sing Psalms in worship, DataRat?
      I'm<br>curious, what is the Psalm to hymn ratio? It's
      my<br>experience that most Churches, if the sing Psalms<br>at all,
      have maybe one Psalm thrown in among 3-5<br>uninspired
      hymns. Is this the case at your
      Church?"<br><br><br>Depends upon what you mean by "Psalms".<br><br>The
      congregation which Bro. Rat has membership<br>in sings no song
      verbatum from the Book of Psalms.<br>We have, though,
      songs ~based~ on the Psalms.<br><br>The ratio of such
      psalmody to other hymns is on<br>the order of something
      like four-to-one in favor<br>of psalms.<br><br>Does
      your church sing the literal Psalms ? If so,<br>from
      which Bible translation ?<br><br><br>Your
      Pal,<br><br><br>The DataRat<br><br><br><br>*
    • almo_no1
      prayers are easy gmw, you ve got em.
      Message 734 of 734 , Sep 18, 2001
        prayers are easy gmw, you've got 'em.
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