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Re: The Theology of Beer

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  • jstaples4jc
    ROFLOL @ Orange underwear comment... Ick...light beers. Can t stand em. But I can see the theological application! Hmm... wonder if anyone s ever
    Message 1 of 734 , Aug 8, 2001
      ROFLOL @ Orange underwear
      comment...<br><br>Ick...light beers. Can't stand 'em. But I can see the
      theological application! <br>Hmm... wonder if anyone's ever
      tried that for a sermon? ;)<br><br>In Christ's
      Service,<br>Julie <><
    • almo_no1
      prayers are easy gmw, you ve got em.
      Message 734 of 734 , Sep 18, 2001
        prayers are easy gmw, you've got 'em.
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