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Re: Stupid Question

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  • twilight_dawns
    gmw: Then allow me to rescue you from it! ;) Always nice to be rescued from something, especially when you didn t realize you needed rescued. ;)
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2001
      gmw: "Then allow me to rescue you from it!
      ;)"<br><br>Always nice to be rescued from something, especially
      when you didn't realize you needed rescued. ;)
      Actually, I HAVE noticed I'm not in very good company with
      my current line of thought in this area. Never a
      good sign eh? I keep getting tripped up over the
      distinction between the nation of Jews that God called to
      Himself in the OT and the church (as much His people as
      the Jews) in the NT. I don't see that God will ever
      stop dealing with the nation of Israel.<br><br>My main
      objection to the postmillennial view at this point is that
      I don't understand how you can accept this position
      without sacrificing the doctrine of total depravity. I
      don't see the promise in the Word that this world will
      become increasingly Christian and more obedient to God's
      commands. Perhaps the sites you posted will help clear some
      of that up for me. <br><br>Thanks for the articles
      that you've offered up, I look forward to reading
      them. I know that I'm not in total agreement with a lot
      of reformed theology at this point, but I've found
      you to be a gracious and kind host. Thanks for
      inviting me to your forum.<br>Dawn
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