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Mike (Reformed Calvinist)

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  • raging_calvinist
    I realize you got kicked out of DR s Club. But I wanted to address something you wrote there. You wrote, It is interesting that I wholeheartedly agree
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2001
      I realize you got kicked out of DR's Club. But I
      wanted to address something you wrote there.<br><br>You
      wrote, "It is interesting that I wholeheartedly agree
      with Calvin...but I am pronounced a Hyperist, but
      Calvin, which I pointed out said basically the same
      thing, is not."<br><br>That's just it, Mike. You do not
      agree with Calvin in the area in which we have dispute.
      You flatly disagree with him, as I will demonstrate
      by your very own words compared with his.<br><br>You
      wrote, "How does God love anyone in light of His perfect
      and righteous justice? All men are born in trespasses
      and sins, all men are born on the road to hell, under
      the holy wrath and justice of God. How is it that God
      can love those who are unlovable, elect as well as
      reprobate? As Calvin said, 'Christ', for God cannot love
      them any other way." <br><br>When Calvin says God can
      only love the elect in Christ, he is using the term
      "love" in the sense of justifying or approving. God can
      only approve of us as justified in Christ, for apart
      from Christ, we are not justified, but
      condemned!<br><br>However, Mike, and please pay attention to this, Calvin
      also said "[T]here are evidences of God�s love, toward
      the whole human race, sufficient to convict all who
      perish, of ingratitude. Nor yet is this inconsistent with
      that peculiar love which he restricts to the few, whom
      he is pleased to elect among many"(John Calvin, The
      Secret Providence of God). And, "But God is sometimes
      said to love those whom he does not approve or
      justify," (Commentary on Mark 10:21).<br><br>You see, Mike,
      you are taking half of Calvin, the half you like, and
      running with it to places that Calvin (and true
      Calvinists) never went. And in doing so, you are so far from
      "wholeheartedly agreeing" with him. Rather, you are denying him,
      his teachings, historical Calvinism, and
      orthodoxy.<br><br>No, Mike, you are not saying the same thing as
      Calvin. And I wish you would realize that. Because Calvin
      was right.<br><br>If you have any questions regarding
      this that you would like to ask, feel free to email me
      ( vze27g73@... ).<br><br>If you wish to
      carry this conversation on in this forum, you may --
      provided you do two things:<br><br>1. Continue to behave
      yourself like a gentleman, unlike your name-changing
      deceiver buddy.<br><br>2. Define your terms. When you say
      "God does not love" define "love." When you say "God
      does not desire," define desire. When you deny that
      God shows grace, define "grace." Etc.<br><br>gmw.
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