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A covenant of life...upon condition of

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  • raging_calvinist
    Now, to address this: I am currently reading through Vincent s commentary on the Larger Catechism and he is maintaining that Adam s disobedience was
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2001
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      Now, to address this:<br><br>"I am currently
      reading through Vincent's commentary on the Larger
      Catechism and he is maintaining that Adam's disobedience
      was not a <br>bare disobedience of a law (not to eat)
      but rather was a combination of law and covenant
      transgressed. He argues because death was threatened, life, a
      priori, is assumed and that obedience to the covenant
      would net not only confirmation of the life he already
      possessed, but also the superadded blessing of heavenly
      blessedness."<br><br>Again, I do not have Vincent's exposition on the Larger
      Catechism, but let's look at this for a moment.<br><br>WSC
      QUESTION 12: What special act of providence did God
      exercise towards man, in the estate wherein he was
      created?<br><br>ANSWER: When God had created man, he entered into a
      covenant of life with him, upon condition of perfect
      obedience; forbidding him to eat of the tree of knowledge of
      good and evil, upon the pain of death.<br><br>Notice
      that it is here called a covenant of life, and not
      merely "the law." Perhaps this aspect is what Vincent is
      addressing, I don't know. It is called a covenant of life
      because life is the blessing of keeping that covenant,
      but the violation of it brings death. Vincent, in his
      exposition of this part of the Shorter Catechism, says that
      the blessing of keeping this covenant was life, by
      which is meant, "the continuance of natural and
      spiritual life, and the donation of eternal life."
      (<a href=http://www.bpc.org/resources/vincent/wsc_vi_012.html target=new>http://www.bpc.org/resources/vincent/wsc_vi_012.html</a>)<br><br>From what I have read of Vincent, I must say that I do
      NOT believe he is supporting the idea that Adam did
      not violate the Covenant of Works.<br><br>gmw.
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