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Mediator not by necessity of nature

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  • raging_calvinist
    I ve witnessed in some other forums recently this idea popping up that God acts by necessity of nature (i.e., God HAD to create, He HAD to punish sin, He HAD
    Message 1 of 734 , Jul 27, 2001
      I've witnessed in some other forums recently this
      idea popping up that God acts by necessity of nature
      (i.e., God HAD to create, He HAD to punish sin, He HAD
      to show mercy on some, etc, because He is God and
      God by nature must do those things).<br><br>I am not
      suprised that an Arminian would buy this line. But it is
      Calvinists that I've seen asserting this stuff. We addressed
      this issue briefly in this club a while back in
      reference to Rutherford's 9 assertions. This time, I'd like
      to offer up some George Gillespie quotes for
      discussion:<br><br>"When we speak of the necessity of the Covenant of
      Redemption or Suretiship, we are cautiously to understand
      that necessity. The School-men distinguish a threefold
      necessity, 1. A most perfect and absolute necessity, or a
      simple necessity, when a thing is so, that it cannot not
      be, nor be otherwise, and that by the power of any
      Agent whatsoever. This necessity belongeth not to the
      Covenant of Redemption, nor to any other the free acts of
      the will of God; for if so it had pleased God, he
      might have not entered that Covenant with his Son; for
      it was not absolutely necessary that man should be
      redeemed: God might have passed by man as he did the
      apostate Angels; which choice of objects, to be redeemed
      by Christ, is mentioned for aggravating God's love
      to man, Heb. 2.16, For verily he took not on him the
      nature of Angels; but he took on him the seed of
      Abraham.... 2. A natural necessity, when any thing floweth
      necessarily and meerly from the principles of nature; and
      thus the fire burneth, and the stone descendeth. Now
      the Covenant of Redemption is not necessary by this
      natural necessity; for God did not enter into Covenant
      with Christ as the fire burns, necessarily, and
      naturally.... 3. Then there is an hypothetical necessity which
      ariseth from God's ordination and appointment; or as
      others call it, a necessity of consequence; when any
      thing is necessary upon supposition of some other
      thing; and this is not an absolute necessity in the
      things themselves, and their immutability; but a limited
      respective necessity, upon connexion of one thing with
      another." (Ark of the Covenant Opened, Chapter
      2).<br><br>"Concerning the necessity of a Mediator in the Covenant of
      Grace, it is to be remembered, that we speak not of an
      absolute necessity of that which God could have done by
      his absolute power: whether he could have restored
      man without a Mediator, and have pardoned sin without
      a satisfaction: nor of a natural necessity: but we
      speak of an hypothetical, respective necessity, upon
      connexion of one thing with another; In regard of the
      decree of God, who having purposed not to suffer sin to
      pass utterly unrevenged, neither yet to destroy all
      mankind in the punishing of sin, and satisfying of
      Justice; but to glorifie himself in such manifestation of
      his grace, as should have satisfaction to Justice
      carried along with it: In this respect it was necessary
      that a Mediator should be found who might do the work
      in this manner." (Chapter VIII).<br><br>God does NOT
      create, destroy, punish sin, reward righteousness, save,
      or damn, by necessity of nature, but by His decree
      according to His most free, wise, and holy
    • almo_no1
      prayers are easy gmw, you ve got em.
      Message 734 of 734 , Sep 18, 2001
        prayers are easy gmw, you've got 'em.
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