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Theonomy vis-a-vis Reconstructionism

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  • thedatarat
    * From the Hermeneutics forum: A little earlier you defined Reconstructionists as those who believe it is a Christian duty
    Message 1 of 734 , May 23, 2001
      *<br><br>From the Hermeneutics
      forum:<br><br><br><br>"A little earlier you defined
      Reconstructionists<br>as those who believe it is a Christian duty
      'to<br>institute world Christian religious and<br>political
      supremacy', saying that you weren't of<br>this persuasion...
      could you clarify a little the<br>difference between
      these two positions for me<br>please, as I'm a little
      confused!"<br><br><br>Of course.<br><br>All Christian Reconstructionists
      are Theonomists,<br>but not all Theonomists are
      Reconstructionists.<br><br>Recons are very political. They see
      establishing<br>Christian civil government as a ~primary~ goal of<br>the
      Christian faith.<br><br>Generic Theonomists ..like The
      DataRat... are in<br>favor of Christian goverment. We'd vote
      for it,<br>and -if it looked feasible- would work for
      it.<br><br>Yet, general Theonomists DON'T see
      Christian<br>politics as a major part of the Faith. Especially<br>Amils
      (again, such as Bro. Rat) figure we'll be<br>under
      atheist or pagan secular governance<br>throughout most of
      these "last days".<br><br>We'd support Christian civil
      rule, contribute to<br>it, and -even- help institute
      it. But, it's NOT<br>an essential.<br><br>From the
      Amil perspective (i.e., we're ALREADY<br>in the
      Millennium), things will go on pretty much<br>as they have
      since the mid-First Century A.D.<br>There shall be
      brief periods where local Christian<br>governments will
      arise, but -overall- pagans and<br>atheists are going to
      dominate politics until<br>Christ returns.<br><br>Recons
      ...in contrast... think Christ can't return<br>until
      ~they~ establish Christian world
      political<br>domination. The ones your favorite rodent has<br>dialogued
      with are rather bitter that Christian<br>political
      hegemony hasn't occurred. They blame<br>the Church and
      Believers for failure to impose<br>our governance on a
      heathen world.<br><br>In summary: For baseline
      Theonomists, Christian<br>civil government is a preference.
      For the Recons<br>it's an imperative.<br><br><br>Your
      Friend,<br><br><br>The DataRat<br><br><br><br>*
    • almo_no1
      prayers are easy gmw, you ve got em.
      Message 734 of 734 , Sep 18, 2001
        prayers are easy gmw, you've got 'em.
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