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Re: Catechizing vs. Cramming, adult or c

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  • thedatarat
    * ..Those of whom the complaint is made are not heathens, but God s own people; as the Lord complains, Psalm 7:10 Before you
    Message 1 of 734 , Jun 13, 2001
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      *<br><br>"..Those of whom the complaint is made
      are not<br>heathens, but God's own people; as the
      Lord<br>complains, Psalm 7:10"<br><br><br><br>Before you attempt to
      use Psalm 7 to define<br>Isaiah 53, you FIRST must
      prove that Psalm 7<br>addresses Isaiah 53 !<br><br>The
      wording of Isaiah 53:3 gives us every reason<br>to
      believe that Isaiah 53:1 speaks of men<br>~generally~
      rather than of 'God's people'...<br><br>"He was despised
      and rejected<br>by men" (v. 3, NIV)<br><br>Durham is
      way off in his exegesis of Isaiah 53:1
      !<br><br><br><br>The DataRat<br><br><br><br>*
    • almo_no1
      prayers are easy gmw, you ve got em.
      Message 734 of 734 , Sep 18, 2001
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        prayers are easy gmw, you've got 'em.
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