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Re: Catechizing vs. Cramming, adult or c

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  • thedatarat
    * Please help me to see where the moral problem is with catechizing adults (or children) who are outside of the Church? Unless
    Message 1 of 734 , Jun 13, 2001
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      *<br><br>"Please help me to see where the moral
      problem is<br>with catechizing adults (or children) who
      are<br>outside of the Church?"<br><br><br><br>Unless your
      favorite rodent missed something,<br>NOBODY claimed there
      was a "moral problem" with<br>catechizing those
      outside the Church.<br><br>Indeed, catechism is primarily
      used (with adults<br>at least) for those outside the
      Church wanting in.<br><br>Bro. Rat suspects, however,
      we're talking using<br>the catechism for evangelism. Is
      THAT correct ?<br><br>If so... we must distinguish
      between the catechism<br>and catechizing.<br><br>We
      catechize two groups: Those not members of the<br>Church
      who desire to join. This will be adults.<br>And,
      covenant children already in the church.<br><br>Certainly,
      we can ~use~ the great Reformed
      creeds,<br>catechisms, statements of faith, canons and<br>confessions in
      our evangelism. The DataRat has.<br><br>Never seen
      the unregenerate sit still for actually<br>being
      catechized though !<br><br>"Catechism" is associated with
      preparation for<br>participation in the Body of Christ. Only
      the<br>Born Again, and covenant children, ought to even<br>be
      admitted to the life of visible churches.<br><br>The
      Reformed catechisms have other uses besides,<br>yet none
      of these are "catechism" per se.<br><br>Catechism
      being a systematic, somewhat lengthy<br>and involved
      tutorial. In this it markedly<br>differs from the
      ~proclamation~ of the Gospel we<br>do in evangelism.<br><br>For
      practical reasons, evangelism ought be done<br>directly
      with Scripture rather than creeds and<br>catechisms
      (which is why it's called "EVANGELism").<br>Not that the
      creeds, catechisms, etc. aren't based<br>upon the Bible.
      Just for practical reasons we can<br>discuss if you
      wish.<br><br><br><br>Your Friend,<br><br><br>The DataRat<br><br><br>In the
      Calvinist forum: "Is the Pope
      The<br>Antichrist"...<br><a href=http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/calvinistictheology target=new>http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/calvinistictheology</a><br><br><br>*
    • almo_no1
      prayers are easy gmw, you ve got em.
      Message 734 of 734 , Sep 18 4:52 PM
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        prayers are easy gmw, you've got 'em.
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