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Orange Folk Aint Reformationites!!!

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  • EHJ
    Howdy, Why a secret society??? This was asked... Christians during the time of Nero were secretive in order to remain among the living... Christians,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2010
      "Why a secret society???"
      This was asked...
      Christians during the time of Nero were secretive
      in order to remain among the living...
      Christians, Scottish, before A.D. 1560 were secretive
      in order to remain among the living...
      Christians, with James Renwick, were secretive
      in order to remain among the living...
      There gatherings was the Church;
      they were not cultic, neither initiation clubs!!!
      "What do they mean with the Cross and Crown???"
      This was asked...
      Oliver Cromwell swore the Covenant
      went about trying to crucify the same!!!
      "Why is it named T.R.B.I.???"
      This was asked...
      A gathering of Christians, Scripturally,
      would never be declared such...
      "How does T.R.B.I. define Reformed???"
      This was asked...
      Those throughout the world
      who declare to be such,
      need to answer!!!
      O, how extremely few true Christians
      there are at these times!!!
      "What exactly is meant by
      "Most Worshipful Sir Knight" and
      "Sovereign Grand Master";
      we are only to call each other Christians;
      does he think he is a Pope???"
      This was asked...
      John Calvin, declaring about a Psalm,
      said that when David was to be ordained to be the
      authorised King, that
      "sovereign power would be given to him"...
      Now, if anybody has the wicked nerve
      putting "sovereign" before their name,
      they better be able to prove they
      created the universe!!!!!!!!
      "The fellow named Johnstoun, A.D. 1857;
      what did he and T.R.B.I. think about
      "War Between The States"???"
      This was asked...
      Like knowing from those of the old world,
      living at that time,
      what they thought of that fighting...
      "What does T.R.B.I. think about the
      National Covenant???"
      This was asked...
      A True Christian Soldier Will
      Salute That Holy Writing!!!
      "T.R.B.I.; that your Church???"
      This was asked...
      Nope; but it is a cult...
      A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit ---
      A Orange Aint An Apple!!!
      Orange ---
      "untrammeled freedom of opinion"
      Apple ---
      They were thrown out of Heaven
      for having their own opinions!!!
      Orange ---
      "that ecclesiastical authority should
      not be permitted to interfere with civil government"
      Apple ---
      KING JESUS Is Extremely Jealous Of His Glory!!!
      Commands, for It Is Written,
      Realms Worshipping Him
      Idolatry to be purged from the same!!!
      Orange ---
      "establish civil and religious freedom for the people"
      Apple ---
      Democracy wanted///had Thee Saviour crucified!!!
      Orange ---
      "Wycliffe, Knox........William of Orange, Washington and Lincoln,
      and all other heroes in the same cause."
      Apple ---
      The initial name; an Englishman worth remembering!!!
      John Knox; what he brought about,
      thee definition of Reformation!!!
      William Of Orange; will be declared about, shortly...
      The name after him;
      a "saint" among roman catholics!!!
      The last name; he declared from the bottomless pit,
      A government of the people, by the people, for the people
      That is the Eternal opposite of what
      Thee Word Of GOD demands ===
      A government of the Ten Commandments,
      by the Ten Commandments,
      for the Ten Commandments!!!
      William Of Orange;
      William Of Orange;
      William Of Orange;
      Three times to get your undivided attention 
      for what is about to be declared!!!
      He hated the Covenants;
      loved "liberty of conscience";
      declared, ferociously, that Presbyterian worship
      was "allowed" because the Scotch liked such;
      (Presbyterianism is ordained from Above!!!)
      did not like Scottish; ask Darien folk!!!
      was guilty of murder; The Massacre At Glencoe!!!
      Orange and Antichrist; you are declaring the same thing!!!
      Orange Folk Aint Reformationites!!!
      There true Leader would be named,
      Thee Elect Angels Are Witness To These Declarings...
      Sincerely, Eric
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