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  • EHJ
    Parnell, Howdy To Yah, WAR Is A Spiritual Fighting In Order To Understand Such Sent a few emails to you over the past few months asking for important
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      Parnell, Howdy To Yah,
      WAR Is A Spiritual Fighting In Order To Understand Such
      Sent a few emails to you over the past few months asking
      for important information that hopefully you still have
      about the following topic...
      Your home page, a number of years ago, you had declared
      taking King George III side with respect to that war.
      The thought was that a true elect christian was defending a
      cause we were "taught" to hate!!!
      While they were "teaching" about the Revolution,
      was always wondering if those there who are to learn
      were going to hear the REDCOATS side of things.
      You are responsible for having a road of reading and
      researching that would not have been travelled if
      did not read what you had typed.
      So you are a "loyalist"...
      Having read a number of books about the "loyalists"
      you realised that they were the true patriots!!!
      They suffered horriblie!!!
      Covenanters sufferings; they could relate to those folk!!!
      The stand most of the "loyalists" took were
      Lawful and Scriptural...
      George "Pope" Washington ---
      Hated monarchic government,
      Loved "liberty of conscience";
      fought an illegal war for Antichrist!!!
      The so-called, colonists, had their laws against
      those always domestic enemies, roman catholics;
      those statues against them were truly patriotic!!!
      That war was fought to bring a
      Dark Age to the new world........
      King George III was not stupid; quite intelligent;
      comprehended the reality of things, Spiritual...
      Have read the Letters by King George III
      written to a top Minister of his,
      the time period being the years of that war.
      The word he used over, and over, and over, and over again,
      about the colonists is that they were "deluded"!!!
      If that patriot King knew then what Parnell knows now,
      then he would have understood why that war took place
      when most of the colonists wanted nothing to do with such!!!
      The mystery of the King was that he gave the
      royal seal to the Quebec Act........
      King George was more a General than the
      Generals he sent to fight the war!!!
      He knew antichrist France was soon going to declare
      for the colonists and he had a
      strategy and tactic that was genius!!!
      King George  wanted his redcoats fighting to shootdown the rebellion,
      halt from such, immediately; about face from that theatre of war
      as fast as possible; let the enemy wonder, have false hope,
      in other words, be confused as long as possible; take his
      forces, sea and land, go to New Orleans and
      have such purged from the map of thee world!!!
      King Goerge would have had that war won,
      Year Of Thee LORD, 1778!!!
      O, if only King George had a Telegraph!!!
      Parnell, will send another email asking from you
      about who exactly and how that war
      was brought about...
      Please do start your weekly updates, again...
      Sincerely, Eric
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      > Parnell McCarter; he still among the living???

      He is still alive, and so is the website http://www.puritans.net/ .

      - Parnell McCarter

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