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  • Mark Stephenson
    Greetings from Scotland s Covenanters brothers & sisters, Yep, I m the same...stung into response by an arrogant posting. What s the point of a discussion
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 12, 2009
      Greetings from Scotland's Covenanters brothers & sisters,
      Yep, I'm the same...stung into response by an arrogant posting. What's the point of a discussion group if we're all feeling intellectually & spiritually retarded. Just one comment on the individuals posting...the British Isles has 4 nations represented, Northern Ireland included please. I'll use this as a starting point because nowhere else in Europe do we have such sectarian division - Ulster. Belfast (which I visit often) is the forgotten city, 15m walls divide the Popes executioner's from Protestant communities where 10's of thousands have been murdered for continuing the Reformation on a day to day basis. The only location in the British Isles the police force are armed. I invite anyone to stand with me on the Shankill Road in North Belfast on the 12th of July, the day all "Orange & Purple" men, women & children publically celebrate the victory of King William III's army over the Pope's enforcer's @ the battle of the Boyne in 1690. The sacrifices made that year facilitated the continuation of Protestantism in the British Isles. In todays context, the petrol bombs, bullets & beatings are ever present, dont believe any commentaries on a so-called "peace process", it was just a Liberal excuse to let the Pope's mass murderer's free & kick-start an economic revival in the area. The killer's are celebrities now, reformed themselves (oh the irony!) & the British Government are talking of paying THE MURDERER'S compensation of £12,000 for not confining them as "political prisoner's". Curiously enough, Tony Blair converted to Catholicism immediately on stepping down from his elevated ministerial position. Just take a walk to the shops with these noble & besieged peoples, all singing the praises of the one & only Word of God, the uncontaminated breath of Life, & smile @ their fervour & courage displayed. Listen to the passionate praise in their sermons, unfettered by fear, unbowed by intimidation...
      Sorry, I digress...you want to talk Covenanted Reform...cool, but I use a more basic language. You want a discussion on Protestant philosophy & living...nice, I'll be engaging & respectful. No, I dont hate anybody, it's spiritually cancerous & debilitating...& most of all against the Word of God. You want me to articulate my experience's of "conventicles"...no problem, awesome, ambient, & deeply spiritual occassions in respect & memory of the British Covenanters who endured hideous persecution for their beliefs, & our freedom's.
      All this provoked by one sentence...because I dont like people gagged or made to feel stupid. We are Protestants brothers & sisters, "Protesters" against papal deviancy, we have a voice...& we will be heard!
      Please dont change the language either my learned friends, it's thought provoking & creates so much energy for research, both internal & external. The things I've learned & taken further into theosophical debates whilst quietly reading all your postings have been so enlightening. This is the mechanism that brings me closer to God because it challenges my belief systems & behaviours with others. Is this not the point of this group?
      Now I press the send button...& duck lol
      Have a peaceful day my friends,
      Bro Mark 
      Loyal Orange Lodge 227
      Slamannan Bible & Crown Defenders

    • Larry Bump
      ... If you mean Wales, I did include that. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. But they are called the Three Kingdoms, since Wales had been
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 13, 2009
        Mark Stephenson wrote:
        > ...the British Isles has 4 nations represented, Northern Ireland
        > included please.

        If you mean Wales, I did include that. England, Scotland, Northern
        Ireland, and Wales.
        But they are called the Three Kingdoms, since Wales had been absorbed by
        conquest rather than joined the UK by treaty, right?
        One could make a case for Cornwall too, I suppose. They were Celts like
        the Welsh.
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