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Westminster Assembly of Divines - Now Available!

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  • Andrew Moody
    Reformation Art is pleased to announce the reproduction of the only known painting of the Assembly available as a 24 X36 full color poster, along with an
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2007
      Reformation Art is pleased to announce the reproduction of the only
      known painting of the Assembly available as a 24"X36" full color
      poster, along with an accompanying guide to help you identify each of
      the commissioners. The posters will ship out the first week of
      December to allow time for orders. Purchase multiple copies at the
      following link (which also contains a mail-order form) and receive a
      special discount:

      We appreciate your helping us to get the word out by forwarding this
      to others who might be interested! Here are a few comments by noted
      Christian leaders regarding the highly anticipated printing of this
      marvelous painting:

      "Andrew, glad to see you're making this poster available. The "godly
      and learned assembly of divines" distilled Reformed theology for
      generations, all the way to the present. It's nice to put a picture to
      a face, as they say." - Dr. Michael Horton (Author of numerous
      volumes, Host of the White Horse Inn radio program, editor-in-chief
      of Modern Reformation magazine).

      "This classic portrait of our founding fathers of Presbyterianism at
      the Westminster Assembly is a reminder that all of us in the Reformed
      tradition stand on the shoulders of giants." - Dr. Peter A. Lillback
      (President of Westminster Theological Seminary)

      "The Westminster Assembly was a God-blessed event, and the Confession
      and catechisms it produced have been a blessing to the church for
      centuries. In an age of cynicism it's good to remember that
      truth-filled ideas can have wonderful consequences" - Marvin Olasky
      (Editor in Chief of World Magazine)

      "Those who love and admire the Westminster Divines for their
      prodigious labor in producing the Westminster Confession of Faith, the
      Larger and Shorter Catechisms, the Directory for the Public Worship of
      God, Form of Church Government, and Psalter, rejoice that Herbert's
      painting of the Assembly is now being made accessible in a frame-able
      form. We are indebted to those who are making this historical
      treasure available." - Terry Johnson (Pastor of Independent
      Presbyterian Church in Savannah, Georgia)

      "The opportunity to have a copy of this famous picture complete with a
      key to the people portrayed should not be missed." - Rev. Dr. Rowland
      S. Ward (Author of numerous volumes and pastor of Knox Presbyterian
      Church in Eastern Australia).

      "Andrew, I am most pleased to see this color poster of the Westminster
      Divines meeting in the Jerusalem Chamber become available once again.
      It is a wonderful reminder of the debt we owe to these godly men for
      putting sound, biblical theology into a confession and catechisms. I
      encourage all who hold the work of these men in high esteem to obtain
      this print and display it proudly and conspicuously." - Dr. Don
      Kistler (Founder of Soli Deo Gloria Books and http://www.DonKistler.org)

      "The Westminster Assembly stands as a pivotal event in the history of
      the Protestant church. I am grateful that Reformation Art has made
      available a print that so beautifully captures a moment of such
      profound importance. I look forward to displaying it as a testimony to
      God's faithfulness through the ages." - Tim Challies (Author and
      renowned blogger http://www.challies.com/)

      Reformation Art reproduces fine artwork in the line of the
      Presbyterian and Reformed tradition. In addition to this poster, we
      have over 100 other prints consisting of portraits of prominent
      reformers, engravings of biblical scenes from antique Bibles, a poster
      of the Synod of Dordt (where the 5 Points of Calvinism originated), a
      John Calvin t-shirt, and free desktop wallpapers. Please visit our
      website http://www.reformationart.com/ to learn more about the men
      Christ used to help reform His beloved bride, the church!

      If you are looking for a print of a particular individual or event
      that we do not carry, please contact us and we will attempt to locate
      it and add it to our growing collection.

      May the Lord continue to reform us according to His Holy Word!

      Soli Deo Gloria,

      Andrew Moody
      Reformation Art

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