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BOOKS OF THE MONTH from Solid Ground

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  • Michael Gaydosh
    BOOKS OF THE MONTH from Solid Ground We are delighted to announce our books of the month for August... Famous Women of the Reformed Church by James Isaac
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2007
      BOOKS OF THE MONTH from Solid Ground
      We are delighted to announce our books of the month for August...
      Famous Women of the Reformed Church by James Isaac Good
      "The chapters of this book first appeared in the Reformed Church Magazine (1893-1895). They then received favorable comment. Since that Magazine ceased publication, there have been so many inquiries for them that it is evident they met a felt want in the Church, and the Sunday-school Board of the Reformed Church in the United States has undertaken their publication in this volume. The author has added several chapters to those that appeared in the Magazine. It is hoped that the lives of these Reformed saints will stimulate the ladies of our Church to greater interest in our splendid Church history, and to greater activity as in missions and the practical work of the Church, in which they already excel." - from the Author's Preface

      ANNA REINHARD, Zwingli's Wife

      IDELETTE D'BURES, Calvin's Wife

      ANNA BULLINGER, Henry's wife

      QUEEN MARGARET of Navarre

      QUEEN JEANNE D'ALBRET of Navarre

      and many, many more

      Calvin Memorial Addresses: Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of his Birth
      by B.B. Warfield, R.A. Webb, Thomas Cary Johnson, James Orr and 8 others
      "As we approach the occasion of the 500th anniversary of John Calvin's birth, and eagerly anticipate the production of the many excellent historical and theological works that will mark the first half-millennium of Reformed Christianity, this set of essays from the beginning of the 20th century may serve both to edify us and to whet our appetites for more. One will find giants among the contributors (from Reed to Johnson to Orr to Warfield to D'Aubigne), and topics of abiding interest." - Dr. Ligon Duncan
      We are offering a tremendous 36 hour special sale on the four volume hardcover set of James Henley Thornwell's Works
      J.W. Alexander once wrote the following of one of Thornwell's sermons, "His sermon was a model of what is rare, viz.: burning hot argument, logic in ignition, and glowing more and more to the end."

      Henry Ward Beecher, the famous Northern liberal minister, wrote after Thornwell's death, "By common fame, Dr. Thornwell was the most brilliant minister in the Old School Presbyterian Church, and the most brilliant debater in the General Assembly. This reputation he early gained and never lost. Whenever he was present in the Assembly, he was always the first person pointed out to a stranger."

      Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said of him, "Thornwell was one of the greatest preachers that America has ever produced."

      List Price $225.00 - 36 Hour Sale Price $99.95
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