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Re: New person (well, not really)!

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  • simon_padbury
    Hi Willena, No, sorry, I don t recall you emailing anything on Deejay s list (but I may have missed it, as I recieve daily digest and I don t get round to
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 30, 2007
      Hi Willena,

      No, sorry, I don't recall you emailing anything on Deejay's list (but
      I may have missed it, as I recieve 'daily digest' and I don't get
      round to reading everything).

      > To add to what you have said here, we need to be in prayer for the
      > younger generation of those who were, and indeed some of those who
      > are, in the RPNA (GM). The teens and early twenties... they are the
      > caught in the backlash of turmoil and confusion in the church and
      > home. I cannot tell you how many of them are wallowing in
      > despite the efforts of their parents to keep them on an even keel.
      > many of them have already not only left the reformed faith, but
      > seemingly turned their backs on the Lord Himself.

      That's exactly the sort of thing I'm talking about, and not only
      youngsters but the older young-in-the-faith newcomers too.

      It's not nice being caught up in this kind of stuff, whatever the
      controversy is about. Sadly, I know how it feels, and I know how it
      can affect people. It's so tempting (even for the Lord's people) to
      flip out and respond, "Ack! Presbyterians behaving badly! Stuff the
      whole lot of you -- I'm getting outa here!" And as we all know, it
      happens in other church denominations from time to time too.

      How different all this is from, "Come with us, and we will do thee
      good." I blame the flesh and the Devil.

      Once upon a time it fell to me to try to counsel someone fleeing from
      a situation like this when I encountered him on the run, as it were.
      I sincerely regret not having succeeded in retaining that person in
      any church I would consider an OK place to attend. It's still a
      matter of prayer to me that, if he belongs to the Good Shepherd, He
      will bring him back to Himself. Plus I personally know of other folk
      who have taken a similar flight, from other ecclesiatical
      battlefields, wherein some of the Lord's people have been
      instrumental in putting them off the faith -- but I hope, only

      Recently, I found myself attempting to defend God for His allowing
      some of His people to be kicked out of the visible church in this way
      (or, out of the part(s) of the visible church whose beliefs and
      practices we would all agree with), and even fall into a backsliding
      state wherein they stopped calling themselves Christians -- but
      hopefully, only for a time. A hyper-Calvinist argued vehemently
      against this, and called me unregenerate for thinking that among such
      wanderers, there could be really saved, though hurting, confused
      people. The hyper-Calvinist alleged that my thinking (and hoping, and
      praying) for such wanderers really are (or, could be) Christians, was
      a denial of the doctrine of the perseverence of the saints; and
      therefore, said he, I don't believe in the true gospel. But it is
      precisely because of my firm belief in the perseverence -- and
      preservation -- of the saints that I still hope and pray for these
      people in the way that I do.

      I hope you find something useful in what I have said here.

      Kind regards,

      Psalm 119:132.
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