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Re: [Covenanted Reformation] 9th Commandment, was Consequences - Final Reply

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  • Crazy Calvinist
    I m not sure what relevance my comment had, just know its true. It can be hard sometimes to take a brothers words of repentance at face value in the online
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 29, 2007
      I'm not sure what relevance my comment had, just know its true.  It can be hard sometimes to take a brothers words of repentance at face value in the online world--though that's no asperting on you personally--have just seen it too many times-- only for the same thing by the same individual do the same thing all over again.  So, its not for me to judge your words in that light.
      However, since I don't really know what releavance a well known fact already would  have in your decision to leave, would have with the price of fish today,  can't help but wonder  if Larry's calling your bluff has more to do with your resigning from this list. I'm not saying that as fact.  Just that the online world can make much more room for sin and deception than in the actual world at times and give room for doubts.
      But as I said yeserday, i for one bear you no personal ill will. I'm sure in the heat of passion, we have all said things that would have been better left unsaid, so you are not alone in that. And I certainly agree with one of your last paragraph about unity and uniformity.

      Walt Bre <humbled.learner@...> wrote:
      Dear brethren,

      Wow, this morning has been an important step for me in
      my Christian walk. I read the attached three
      documents on Voluntary Associations and then saw this

      "Though there will always be those who disliked the
      RPNA anyway, who will not want to give them much
      lee-way. As we all know the RPNA is not well thought
      of by lots of folks anyway.

      Then, I read Chris' comments knowing about the serious
      disagreements between our Elders and himself (as well
      as others) going back to the 1995 period he references
      below. This does not take away from his excellent
      posts below and references to the 9th Commandment.

      I do not look at my testimony over these past few
      months as nothing but an unfaithful method or attempt
      to make a difference for the cause of Christ. I can
      make all sorts of excuses like the whole situation has
      caught me and others in our church by surprise, and
      like most I have not been able to really dig into all
      the record until the past few months. Thus, my words,
      reactions and comments on this site have not come from
      a wonderful, holy and loving testimony, but a
      testimony of disappointment, frustration and anger.
      Therefore, in reading the attached documents this
      morning, I realized that I have not been of any help
      to anyone on this site, and likely set back the
      covenated cause of reformation with my unfortunate

      Therefore, I wish to say I am sorry to all of you for
      my words and actions, my comments and my disappointing
      testimony that may have hurt some of you. After
      reading the testimony this morning, and the comment
      above by Deejay and the commentary by Chris below, I
      knew that I need to repent. For those who accept my
      repentence for my unfaithful comments, I am grateful
      for your kindness in my time of weakness!

      There is no doubt that my comments on this forum will
      one day be used against me personally, and against the
      Covenanters in general, perhaps to the point of
      torture and murder, if the witness testimony of a
      vocal church is to be silenced, and if it is, I am
      sorry for this since my many comments can be twisted
      and turned to hurt the cause of Christ. I say to you
      today it was not my intention, nor my desire, but
      rather was my immaturity and weakness as a humbled
      learner who needs to keep humbling himself over and
      over daily. Lord knows our nation and churches could
      also humble themselves and pray, but that is for
      another day.

      I will know be removing myself from this forum, and
      get back to work on my own sanctification and fleshy
      mortification. Chris has outlined a very good place
      for me to start with his listing below, and that is
      what I'm planning to do. I am a work in progress.

      If our church is not well thought of and mostly
      disliked, then I need to take this into consideration
      as I look forward to a covenanted reformation. I
      never expected to be warmly or openly welcome by the
      Christian church at large, but when we are so poorly
      thought of by other Presbyterian and Covenanter groups
      going back to 1995, then obviously I need to spend
      more time in prayer and fasting. Debating is only
      hurting my sanctification and Christian maturity, and
      I don't want this to hurt others too.

      I dearly love all your Christians and hope that one
      day we will find ourselves in more unity, uniformity
      and spiritual growth. May the Lord bring about
      reformation across the land and throughout the world,
      and may He start with each of us personally.

      For the glorious cause of reformation for Christ,

      PS - I will be withdrawing my membership after this
      post so those who like to contact me please send your
      email to humbled.learner@ yahoo.com

      --- Chris Coldwell <naphtali@naphtali. com> wrote:

      > I am not one who agrees it was wrong that this
      > controversy has been
      > discussed publicly on the list. If bad behaviour is
      > damaging to the
      > `cause'; well, its been damaged since 1995 IMHO.
      > That said, I do think perhaps it is time to move on,
      > both on the list
      > and in life.
      > As far as our conduct in this discussion in general,
      > perhaps we all
      > need the following searching reminder. I've put this
      > in list form from
      > Larger Catechism 126, the source is my critical work
      > file. The
      > critical text to the first 50 question should appear
      > in the
      > forthcoming 2007 issue of The Confessional
      > Presbyterian journal
      > (looking like a September release now). The
      > Scripture proofs follow
      > the text and I've included my notes simply for
      > interest and to plug
      > the forthcoming completed critical text of Q1-50.
      > I'm sending this
      > just before shutting down to get ready for church;
      > as I've always been
      > on moderated status since joining this list I can't
      > say when it may
      > appear. I trust it will prove useful whenever it
      > does appear.
      > Q. 126. What are the sins forbidden in the ninth
      > commandment?
      > The sins forbidden in the ninth commandment, are,
      > all prejudicing the truth, and the good name of our
      > neighbours as well
      > as our own,(b) especially in public judicature, (c)
      > giving false evidence, (d)
      > suborning false witnesses, (e)
      > wittingly appearing and pleading for an evil cause,
      > outfacing and
      > overbearing the truth, (f)
      > passing unjust sentence, (g)
      > calling evil good, and good evil, rewarding the
      > wicked according to
      > the work of the righteous, and the righteous
      > according to the work of
      > the wicked;(h)
      > forgery, (i)
      > concealing the truth, undue silence in a just cause,
      > (k)
      > and holding our peace when iniquity calleth for
      > either a reproof from
      > ourselves, (l) or complaint to others; (m)
      > speaking the truth unseasonably, (n) or maliciously
      > to a wrong end,
      > (o) or perverting it to a wrong meaning, (p) or in
      > doubtful and
      > equivocal expressions to the prejudice of truth or
      > justice, (q)
      > speaking untruth, (r)
      > lying, (s)
      > slandering, (t)
      > backbiting, (u)
      > detracting, (w)
      > tale bearing, (x)
      > whispering, (y)
      > scoffing, (z)
      > reviling, (a)
      > rash, (b) harsh, (c) and partial censuring,
      > (d) misconstructing intentions, words and actions,
      > (e)
      > flattering, (f)
      > vainglorious boasting, (g)
      > thinking or speaking too highly or too meanly of
      > ourselves or others, (h)
      > denying the gifts and graces of God, (i)
      > aggravating smaller faults, (k)
      > hiding, excusing, or extenuating of sins when called
      > to a free
      > confession, (l)
      > unnecessary discovering of infirmities, (m)
      > raising false rumours, (n)
      > receiving and countenancing evil reports, (o) and
      > stopping our ears
      > against just defence, (p)
      > evil suspicion, (q)
      > envying or grieving at the deserved credit of any,
      > (r) endeavouring or
      > desiring to impair it, (s) rejoicing in their
      > disgrace and infamy, (t)
      > scornful contempt, (u)
      > fond admiration; (w)
      > breach of lawful promises, (x)
      > neglecting such things as are of good report, (y)
      > and practicing or
      > not avoiding ourselves, or not hindering, what we
      > can, in others such
      > things as procure an ill name. (z)
      > b 1SA 17:28; 2SA 16:3; 2SA 1:9-10, 15-16
      > c LEV 19:15; HAB 1:4
      > d PRO 19:5; PRO 6:16, 19
      > e ACT 6:13
      > f JER 9:3, 5; ACT 24:2, 5; PSA 12:3-4; PSA 52:1-4
      > g PRO 17:15; 1KI 21:9-13 [9-13 in W3 and W1438.
      > Rothwell has 9-14 but
      > ends text at 13. Dunlop does not cite text of 14 but
      > it is in the
      > reference same as Rothwell; in traditional text
      > since Rothwell. RP
      > also has 9-14. Context with 14 a new paragraph is
      > clear does not need
      > to be included. L&R; E.Rob also end text at 13 but
      > have 14 in the
      > proof reference at the beginning (ie 9 to 14).]
      > h ISA 5:23
      > i PSA 119:69; LUK 19:8; LUK 16:5-7 [RPc: PSA
      > cxvi:69. 116 for 119.
      > k LEV 5:1; DEU 13:8; ACT 5:3, 8-9; 2TI 4:16
      > l 1KI 1:6; LEV 19:17
      > m ISA 59:4
      > n PRO 29:11 [PRO 19:11 in THIRD, FOURTH and COX but
      > actual text
      > correct and is that at 29:11. RP also has 19:11.]
      > o 1SA 22:9-10; With PSA 52:1-4 [Compared With in
      > RothB etc as usual.
      > PSA 52:1-4 in W3; W1438. Rothwell cites 1, 2, 3, 4
      > and those texts but
      > then adds, "and so on to verse 5" and so 5 has been
      > included in
      > traditional text since Rothwell. RP had the
      > reference correct with
      > 52:1-4. The Rothwell editions added the title to the
      > PSA 52 proof. In
      > MAX through COX it is given after the proof but
      > before the giving of
      > the text: Compared with Psal. A Psalm of
      > David, when Doeg
      > etc. v. 1. DNLP put the title before the proof:
      > (Compared with PSALM
      > 52) A Psalm of David, when Doeg etc. v 1. etc. In
      > either case, the
      > title is not original with the early editions, and
      > this is a case
      > where Rothwell is giving more context to the proof.
      > In the early
      > editions if a Psalm title was part of the proof, it
      > would have been
      > indicated as Psalm 52 (title), etc.]
      > p PSA 56:5; JOH 2:19; With MAT 26:60-61 [Compared
      > With as usual; RP
      > has it here as well. PSA 56:6 in MAX; RothB; THIRD;
      > FOURTH; COX but
      > text is that at vs 5; ie just typo in ref as usual
      > for these kind of
      > mistakes. RP has reference of 56:6 and is incorrect.
      > There appears to
      > be a typo in E.Rob where the numerals are reversed
      > in 61 and there is
      > a 16, even though the 1 is very faint in the copy on
      > film.]
      > q GEN 3:5; GEN 26:7, 9
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